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  1. Trying to remove chuck on a 2704. The reverse thread screw is out but I can't get the chuck to loosen. Drill has battery removed, in setting one, in drill mode. Tried the allen key way turning it counter clockwise but the chuck spins. It will start out in a locked position but when I applied leverage to loosen it, the chuck spins. It's like a clutch isn't holding it locked. Not sure if it has a clutch but that's the best I can describe it. Any suggestions?
  2. The way I removed that screw on mine (2704) was use a short impact bit extension and one of the torx bits that was provided in a Milwaukee shockwave impact driver set Milwaukee I had. The set is a several years old now but it had lots of torx bits, phillips, and lots of other stuff. Not sure what the size was but it was one that came in the set. It came right out.
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