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  1. Ok that makes me feel better. I didn't want to spend the $60 on the Milwuakee sets and went with Husky instead. I haven't tried the sockets yet but I'm hoping that wobble won't come into play once I start actually using it. I don't need to buy sockets specifically for a hog ring right? The set has the little dimples for the detent pin but I have a hog ring, I assume it should work either way.
  2. So they sockets are definitely "snapping" past the hogring and they don't come off without some force. The issue I see is once I start drilling, the socket sort of oscillates in a weird way. The bit doesn't fly off when I go full speed and my carpenter friend said he sees sockets all the time that sort of wiggle around once in place. I don't need a perfect fit, I just don't wanna waste $60 on sockets that will yield poor results.
  3. Hello all, I just bought a Milwuakee M18 3/8" impact wrench. I just bought a set of Husky impact sockets in Metric/SAE. The sockets snap into place but seem to be loose once they are attached. I'm not familiar with impact drills and I feel like the sockets are not supposed to be seated that loosely. Can someone advise me as to which sockets I am supposed to get? Or is it normal for the sockets to sit that loose? Thank you!
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