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  1. Hello everybody. Thank you for having me. I'm just one of those guys that can basically work on anything, not great any one thing but can do most of anything. The average guy thinks I'm incredible but the guys that know what's going on know me as a Jack of all trades, master of most. Master is a bit strong. I'm married to a great gal that had a awesome grandfather that repaired all kinds of stuff, did woodworking, spent many hours of is retired life in the shop. She then had a father, brothers, and an ex-husband that were not so handy. Then she met me and realized the importance of this trait looking back to her grandfather. How do you thank a man you never knew? I'm gonna be retiring too soon and need to down size my shop of the last 25 years which entailed a full size 2-car garage, 10' by 12' standing seam shed and a 3-car carport down to basically a 700 square foot forest cabin that needs to be a cabin occasionally. My first question of probably many is 25 years ago I got a full size floor standing Chinese 3/4HP 16-speed drill press and have used the hell out of it over the years. It doesn't fit my new shop. Many years ago I modified it taking the regular motor off with multiple pulley set up and put a variable speed motor on it from a treadmill. I've been very happy with it. I've always wanted to have a milling machine. I do a lot of slots in metal working by drilling holes and then file and they look like hell. I'm interested in getting a bench top mini mill/ drill press. How painful will it be going from a full size floor standing 5/8" chuck drill press to basically your harbor freight mini mill. Will it handle anything close to what the floor press can handle? I've seen the reviews and it seems to be a great hobby mill but no one seems to use it as a drill press.
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