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  1. I've got a number of Ryobi 18v tools and invested in the 6 battery charger. I've had it for 3 years and have kept my batteries in it without issue. Today I went to use my 18v chainsaw and it wouldn't stay running. I tried a different battery with the same issue. When I plugged the batteries back into the charger I noticed than none of the charge lights for the other batteries were on. There should be a solid green light indicating they are charged and in maintenance mode. And when these were plugged in the low level light on them flashed indicating they were almost dead. I had just pulled them from the charger. I pulled each battery and replaced it and the red light came on, indicating they were waiting to charge (it charges one at a time). The first one I plugged in was flashing green, indicating it was charging. Since, one battery reached full charge and the saw now runs fine. I placed the others on the single chargers I have so I can get them all recharged and I can do my cutting tomorrow. So, evidently somethng happened and all the batteries were discharged while on the charger that was plugged in. Anyone know what may have happened?
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