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  1. I have had a Makita reciprocating saw Model BJR182; I bought it many years ago. It was the first Makita tool I bought. I now find that none of the batteries that came with my subsequent Makita tools will even `dock' with the base of the reciprocating saw. I notice on the saw it says to only use a BL1830 battery. All my other batteries are BL1850B. All tools are 18volt LXT units so one would think they should all work together. I have not had a reciprocation saw to work now for many years and the saw only serves to be a ugly paper weight. I was reading in one of the forum texts that some one was saying the only reason the #3 units are around because there are older tools that only run on them. He went on to say that they can be converted by installing an adaptor part. What is the story; are these #3 batteries still available or can I buy parts to convert?
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