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  1. You need to have an object of use. If you want to wash your car, you want something with high gpm to get good foam and quick rinse. Electric pressure washers are fine but don't get much psi or gpm. For your car, you might want to get an entry level gas unit with a good pump and a Honda engine, and then buy higher orifice nozzles so you get lower pressure with a lot more water flow. This will help get better foam and make rinsing quick and easy. A good entry level gas machine with a Honda and a decent pump will run you about 400 USD or 3377.44 Turkish lira (I am assuming you live in turkey based on your bio.) Hope this helps.
  2. Ok, thanks for the transportation info. I might just go for one with a gx390, the only other thing I don't like is that is burns a lot of gas, like a gallon per hour, and they are more expensive, but they seem like the better option here.
  3. I have noticed how identical machines with the gx270 and cat pumps are rated way lower than their AAA counterparts. For example, this tool has a gx270 and has a seemingly better cat pump makes 3,200 less cleaning units than this other tool which has the exact same gx270. It also seems like you would need almost 10 horsepower to make 4000 psi @ 3.5 gpm, like this tool says it does with an 8.5 hp Honda. Is Simpson lying about their numbers? Or do the AAA pumps actually make more pressure but just not last as long? I don't care that much about psi either, but the NorthStar unit also has a lower gpm. I could just go with something with the gx390, but it is a much larger engine, and it would be a lot heavier, louder, and harder to carry around and move into a car. I know I sound like a repetitive idiot, but this whole thing is really confusing. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my dumb question.
  4. I took a look at some of the Northstar and Mi-T-M pressure washers, and it seems like the Northstar and Mi-T-M both have the gx270 and both have a rating of 3600 psi @ 3.0 gpm, while the Simpson and DeWalt pressure washers that have AAA pumps also have gx270s and have ratings of 4000 psi @ 3.5 gpm. The Simpson and DeWalt have seemingly worse AAA pumps, while the Northstar has a great cat pump and the Mi-T-M has a Mi-T-M pump. Are Simpson and DeWalt lying about the rating of pressure? Also, do you think a DeWalt pressure washer with a cat pump and a gx270 would be as good as a Northstar with a cat pump and a gx270?
  5. I am planning to start a pressure washing business in a couple years, and I have been looking at pressure washers to get. There are a bunch of different pumps, like Cat, Comet, AR, AAA, and General. There is very vague information out there, but it seems that people say Cat pumps are the best, and AAA pumps are bad, but also a lot of people that love their AAA pumps and have many hours on them with no problems. What are good pumps that will last a while based on your experiences?
  6. I have a ryobi gas powered pressure washer, and a little while ago it started leaking oil. I took it to home depot because oil leak is beyond my home repair capabilities. They had to make a new gasket because they could not get the replacement gasket. After I got it back, it leaked a little, but much less than before, and then stopped leaking. When I was doing a driveway the other day, I moved the pressure washer and saw this gray stuff coming out. I would assume that it is oil mixed with water, but it seems to be much thicker than oil and it like corrodes away the driveway and leaves a small indentation that's almost unnoticeable, but still a problem. Any ideas on what this could be?
  7. Does your machine have a gx390? Because it would make a lot of sense if they just changed the pressure rating. I think I will get a surface cleaner, because it makes it go much faster, but I will also definitely get a turbo nozzle too. I'm still torn between the Simpson and Dewalt, they are like Identical machines. Here are the links if you wanted to take a look at them. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-4000-PSI-at-3-5-GPM-Gas-Pressure-Washer-Powered-by-Honda-with-AAA-Triplex-Pump-California-Compliant-60895/305967700 https://www.homedepot.com/p/SIMPSON-PowerShot-PS60869-4000-PSI-at-3-5-GPM-HONDA-GX270-Cold-Water-Pressure-Washer-PS60869/312241124
  8. Thanks for the reply! It seems as if the 4,000 psi 3.5 gpm Dewalt pressure washer now uses a AAA triplex pump, only the 4,200 psi 4.0 gpm has the CAT pump. I don't really want a machine that big quite yet. I don't know if they stopped making the lower level one with the CAT pump. Have you ever use the AAA triplex pumps? And are they any good? Also, if bleach isn't needed at this high pressure, I probably won't use it. Are there any other key chemicals you use? Or do you just use cold water? Also, do you just use a turbo nozzle, or do you also use a surface cleaner to add to that? Thanks
  9. Hi! I was looking to start a real pressure washing business in a couple years, I currently have a small gas unit that I use to do work for friends and around the neighborhood, but I would like to start a real professional pressure washing business. I do a lot of research and planning way in advance, so that's why I'm already looking around. I think I will start off with a 4000 psi 3.5 gpm pressure washer with a Honda gx270. The problem is, Dewalt and Simpson both make that exact model, and they are both made by Simpson, just rebranded. I would just like to know based on anyone's experience which company has better customer service and warranty. Also, I live in an area that has storm drains that lead directly to the river, and most driveway drains lead to backyard creeks. Would it still be ok to use chemicals like bleach? And would it be diluted enough to not poison anything once it reached the creeks? Any advice helps!
  10. I bought a 2900 psi ryobi pressure washer recently, and added some high quality sae 30 oil like the manual said (the oil was a little old but seemed fine.) I ran it once for about 15 mins, shut it off. Then, came back the next day, and ran it for about an hour, shut it off and checked the oil. The oil was a good bit lower than it was when I added it. It showed no signs of burning oil at all when running. Started up a bit rough, but ran fine and didn't smoke at all. What would be causing this? And is it a big problem or should I just top off the oil?
  11. Thanks for the advice! The person I bought it from sells lightly used products, and has another unit in store that is just like this, but seems to also have gas in it from testing. I don't mind going back and exchanging it for another one, but if the other unit has bad gas, then it will probably have the same problem too. The seafom seems to be working to clear out the unit, yesterday I ran it for 10 mins and it stalled and wouldn't turn back on, today I ran it for 15 mins and it stalled and turned back on after for another 5 mins. Should I keep going with the seafoam or should I take the risk of taking it back and getting it exchanged for another unit with bad gas and waste my time?
  12. I just bought a ryobi 3000 psi 2.3 gpm gas pressure washer that is refurbished and lightly used (for testing), and it started up on the first pull. It starts up great, but then revs and shakes around while idling, and runs for about 5 mins then stalls and doesn't start back up until it has cooled off. Another forum said to add seafoam to the tank and let it circulate, but it is quite hard to circulate seafoam when it shuts off every 10 mins and doesn't start back up for a while. The engine also runs a bit unevenly and fluctuates sometimes. Should I keep trying to circulate seafoam? Or is there another way to do it? I would like to try to fix this, as it would be an absolute pain to drive to where I bought it from and they probably don't have a model to exchange it with. I have a 14 day return policy and a 30 day malfunction warranty, but it's a lengthy process and I don't want to have to deal with it if there's another way. If there is no simple fix for this then I will just file a warranty claim and drive a distance to return it. I hope there's a way to fix it at home. Thanks in advance for your help.
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