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  1. Debris in the pivot points . Open the cover and clean it out
  2. Gotta be the battery or your exerting to much force on it to stall it. Also are you using at least a 5ah on it?
  3. Comes with a guardrail. But you should return it and get the dcs578 flexvolt 60v
  4. Had to beat on for 3 years constantly and using it above what it’s rated for. We have 4 and no problems
  5. That dewalt battery compressor will run All pneumatic finish nailers and a hanger gun no problem all day,. It will have air for a framing nailer but it would run constantly.
  6. Why are you using a base to make a cut? You should be using your eye on the line either outside the saw or through the “ window” of the body of the saw, if your just making rough cuts then the guide is fine
  7. Check a pawn shop or yard sale for a cheap saw to switch it out
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