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  1. The DCS578 flexvolt dust collector looks like a nice unit. A few issues, it isn't designed as a vacuum as much as a HEPA dust collector, so no attachments, because it's a HEPA filter it is very expensive compared to a standard vac, like triple the price. Lastly, it's compatible with T-Stak, not tough system, but that could be it's own thread. Why dewalt has 3 or 4 different, incompatible storage systems, I'll never understand.
  2. Hope that's what is going on. Seems a lot of products are disappearing. Home Depot doesn't have the DHS790 flexvolt miter saw anymore or the 10" table saw either.
  3. I noticed home depot didn't have it in stock any more. Started looking online and it's out of stock from all the big tool dealers. What's going on with Dewalt? They discontinued the new tough system 2.0 radio the first year. Now their nicest miter saw appears to be discontinued.
  4. Dewalt needs to update the cordless vacuum with a modern high speed brushless motor like Dyson uses. I'd love to buy a powerful cordless dewalt vac. Their current one is the same design from 15 years ago, just updated to take the newer slide style batteries. I still use my old one, but I won't upgrade to the newer one since there is no other improvement besides battery and the thing doesn't have very good suction.
  5. I know this is old, but I just took an 887 and 890 apart and thought some people might like to know that the 890 has a larger anvil needle bearing, about twice as wide. The impact drive assembly is also longer with a different spring. I noticed when I installed the 3/8 anvil on my 887, there was a lot of play side to side. I wouldn't want to use it like that. It would be wobbling like crazy and I'm sure that little bearing wouldn't hold up to the abuse of removing bolts. You can swap the whole drive assembly from the 890 to the 887 to get a nice solid 3/8 impact with multiple speeds. This is what I ended up doing. The 887 becomes a three speed 890 and the 890 becomes a dcf886.
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