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  1. Thank you, I’m hoping it’s the case. Does the frequency relate to the machine or the mains supply? I will reach out to Festool as well and post any response I get.
  2. I have very little knowledge of current/voltage etc so I’m looking for some advice. There’s a chance I may be moving to Canada in the future, I currently live in the U.K. I use a transformer with my corded power tools, bringing down the standard U.K. mains voltage* from 240v to 110v. I believe the standard mains voltage in Canada is 110v. Am I right in thinking I could ship my 110v festool machines to Canada, buy the appropriate plug fitting and keep using them? Or is there something I’m missing elsewhere? Go easy on me, just looking for friendly advice. *by mains voltage I’m talking about what you would get from a plug socket in a residential property.
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