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  1. Thanks, both. I think I will just shave off that ridge with a Dremel and use it.
  2. I have a 20v Dewalt blower (DCBL720P1) that works great. I just bought a trimmer that came with a 9Ah Flexvolt battery. I assumed I would be able to use this in my blower as well. However the FV battery does not fit inside the battery housing on the blower. There are two small (1-2mm) rails on the bottom of the battery guard / tool rest that get in the way (see picture). My question - is there a reason for this, or was it just a design oversight? Could I trim down those rails a bit to allow the battery to fit, or am I asking for trouble if I do that? The only potential issue I can think of is that the battery would extend beyond the "foot" a couple of millimeters so when you set down the tool it would rest on the battery. I have not been able to find a compatibility chart that addresses this.
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