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  1. Gave the smack a try but no luck Our local dealer has someone who works on power tools so I think I'll just drop it with them.
  2. As far as I can tell I forced it back with as much force as I could muster. I don't see the driver blade in the down position
  3. First time for me posting in the forum, because my Dewalt tools haven't let me down until yesterday. The magazine on my DCN660 finishing nailer emptied with four more nails needed. I reloaded the magazine but when I tried to use it the right LED started flashing, indicating a nail jam. I followed the instructions in the manual, and there was no jammed nail and the actuator hadn't stalled in the wrong position. I completed the fix and reinstalled the battery, but I still get the flashing LED. I've gone through the process several times and used a fresh fully charged battery with no joy. Dewalt customer service and my local dealer weren't able to offer a solution, so I've come to the experts for your help. 😉
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