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  1. Thanks for the link. I like the look of that tbh! it's nice. 3/8 inch isnt bad altho id prefer a bigger cut potential. cant complain tho, a decent price too i think. I look forward to see what happens about them cutting hardened steel.
  2. I've just bought some 7kg hydraulic cutters for steel wire rope up to 20mm. While they take a month to ship from China, I thought I'd ask if anyone had any thoughts and comments about using such a tool? I'm looking forward to it tbh. Can these tools btw also cut medium carbon steel, ie hardened steel? THANKS
  3. Hello and thanks for any help. Is there such a tool that can cut through hardened metal rods and bars like the stuff found in locks? Do you think a rebar cutter can cut through hardenend metal? I was thinking that probably hydraulic cutters are most likely, because I can't seem to find a power tool that does it. THANKS!
  4. Hello, I live in Europe. I like the forum
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