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  1. I was in woodshop over 20 years ago but took to a career path as a mechanic. I don't remember much of woodshop but I do remember I was great at it. Medical issues took me out of being a mechanic and my memory has gotten pretty iffy as well. I'm settling down with a title as Maker and I'm fine with that. In the next few months I will be hunting for my next place and I will have room to set up a workshop. For now I'm trying to learn all I can while I'm waiting for the holidays to find great tool deals and rebuild my collection of tools. I've been looking at the cordless lines of power tools and seeing what's new and it's crazy how there's a battery option for just about every tool including the zero turn style mowers... insane! I myself will be dabbling in tools for wood and of course automotive even though i can't do much automotive work anymore. I'm still looking around for what i want/need and hopefully by the holidays I will have an idea. I hope to learn from y'all and I hope I don't get flamed too hard LoL.
  2. I was decent in the woodshop over 20 years ago when I was a teenager, but I kept the mechanic path till the day I pretty much had to "retire". Now being I've gone through lots of medical stuff and bouncing around trying to find the right place to live... I'm close to making my own workshop and I will have to fill it so here I am and willing to learn.
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