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  1. Unfortunately Porter Cable products aren't really available where I am. Otherwise I would probably buy the circle cutting gear. My guess here is the 5031 is probably still the same in the US where Porter Cable are available, but not here in the UK since they aren't.
  2. Ah! The 5031 has changed!! The new version has a special bracket for the D26204 router.... It now fits on the other side of the router to the standard rail fittings using standard wing bolts. So the old fitting on the router is not used for anything unless you happen to have an older version of the 5031. Great. My curiosity is answered. Thanks guys!!
  3. I measured them yesterday. They holes are 7mm ( I can't tell whether it is 9/32 or 19/64 but it's more than 7mm and its less than 8mm so I am assuming its an American measurement. )The supplied rods are 8mm so they don't fit. I believe the rods with the universal are 8mm and 10mm. Also the spacing between the holes is 6cm, which is completely non standard too. At least an inch too small for any guide or fence. And as I keep saying, the standard DeWalt wing bolts do not fit. The diameter seems correct but the thread is different. They are not metric so once again I am assuming they are an American size. I have tried various fences, guides, including the rail adapter and nothing fits.
  4. I don't have that saw, but I am still sure that is faulty. The part that accepts the blade should move forward as it is doing, but it should also snap back when you release the lever.
  5. The rods won't fit. The rods are 8mm and those holes are less. Not only that but the screw holes on top are a non-standard size too, the normal DeWalt wing bolts won't fit.
  6. But surely only the safety cover is bending, so it's not really a problem? I don't have one of those saws, but if the blade is deflecting then that's a separate issue and not normal at all. That back fence does seem to be very close to the blade. It's very possible that in manufacture they have just bolted it a little too far over to the right. Again, I don't have one of these saws but I would look behind and undo any bolts and move it over just a little until the safety cover misses the fence. Having said that, you are right in that you aren't going to operate it with the safety in place so in reality it's never going to be a problem.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the holes are in the front of the D26204 router? You can see them facing you in this photo. I thought at first they were just some sort of alternative holes for the fence, but they aren't. They are smaller diameter ( less than 8mm ) and also the screw holes above them ( presumably to secure the rods that fit in the holes ) are also not the normal DeWalt wing bolt size.
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