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  1. nothing is impossible to fix. A picture would help, is it one of these ? https://www.google.com/search?q=air+compressor+%2C+output+pressure+adjuster&rlz=1C1ARAB_enUS498US526&oq=air+compressor+%2C+output+pressure+adjuster&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i22i29i30.10984j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  2. rebuild the carb,...again. drop it in a solvent can or ultrasound it, run wire through ports and jets or you'll be doing it again.
  3. gerardj

    Impact Driver

    Send it in or open it up and find out. Could be the battery terminals too, not necessarily the tool innards.
  4. fuel is brushless. It will have to be shipped back to australia.
  5. I started with a lincoln 120v mig, used for $200, wish I didn't sell it. It was very easy to use. Moved on and bought a chinese AC/DC stick/tig/plasma cutter. I reach for the stick most of the time, its a joy when you just need a quick fixit job. Today I would buy a 240/120 switchable machine, I like multi function, everlast is good value. I don't have 240 in my garage so I use a heavy rubber 240v extension I bought from an electrician.($50). It works perfectly fine but I don't use it when the grass is wet or raining. Its worth it to have 240v, I would NOT buy a 120v machine again. You can dial amps down but can't go above what isn't available.
  6. We got electricity last week.
  7. salt n vinegar. best way to clean silver.
  8. checks prices for large bearings... never mind.
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