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  1. Hi all, I have a strange issue that has arisen where all of a sudden 3 quite new batteries would stop holding charge. They all appeared to have this problem at the same time, but then I discovered that it looks like my hammer drill (XHP07) keeps shorting them. I would keep recharging the batteries, the indicator would show they were fully charged, I would then put them in the hammer drill, and then with a few seconds they would be dead. If I put these fully charged batteries into another tool, then they continue to work as usual, so I have isolated it to the hammer drill as the cause. Has anyone come across this situation, where a tool would instantly discharge a battery? I was recently using the hammer drill in the garden for drilling out plant holes with an auger like attachment, and I am wondering if maybe dirt or moisture has gotten inside. I could take it to a repair shop, but it will probably cost more than the drill. I am wondering if someone knows what to look for if I want to give the internals of the drill a clean or check its connections.
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