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  1. That is a millwright tool used in motor alignments and hole depth checker and many other things you can do with it
  2. Patriot77

    DeWalt 20v Mower

    Hey fellas I just bought the mower and my grass had gotten out of hand and it was a little taller than it needed to be and my mower bogged and when I released the handle the motor wouldn't ever re-engage even tho the lights light up like it's about to engage it just doesn't and tips?
  3. I bought a new dewalt mower and the grass had gotten out of hand and it bogged down and turned off and the motor will not re-engage although the battery light light up as it is was about to engage it jist never does I tried the reset button on the side where the handle pushes it in when you fold it up and it wasn't stuck in the wrong position
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