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  1. Hello Wingless! I would hope that if the snowblower is charged to 100% it would last awhile. Of course that's going to depend on how much and dense snow that you're trying to remove. The electric zero turn was sharp and it was about 5Gs with a 42" deck. That's about $1500 more than my gravely zero turn with 50" deck I bought in 2009. BTW, Southern Florida sounds good especially since winter is not that far away!
  2. I was in a big box store yesterday shopping when I came across some electric equipment. More specifically I checked out an electric zero turn and snowblower. Since its pretty close to the end of the mowing season I wouldn't be buying a zero turn. However, I was really looking at the electric snowblower. I do have a CC gas snowblower and it's works pretty well. I'm thinking about going electric due to the higher gas prices. In my part of Michigan, the prices of unleaded run about $3.30 as of yesterday. Anybody on here have any experience with any of these electric machines? Drop me a comment. Thanks!
  3. I'm doing a survey on power tool rental. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. My name is David London and I'm a lover of all kinds of tools because they can make my life a whole lot easier! I joined this forum to keep up with the latest and greatest tools, learn and contribute to some of the discussions here! See yall in the forums!
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