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  1. Hello, The company I work for has me relocating internationally every 4-8 years. I am looking to start purchasing tools that are dual voltage 120-240v & 50/60Hz, or at the very least operate at 110v & 50/60Hz. In my research, most products available in the the US are either 110v/60Hz or 110-240v/60Hz. In order to operate correctly in the rest of the world, I need a motor that will operate at 50Hz. The main tools that I am looking for are a contractor table saw (i.e. Delta 36-725T2), a mini lathe (10"x18"), a 12-13" planer or drum sander, and maybe a drill press. If OEM dual voltage motors (120-240v & 50/60Hz) are not available, does anyone know a a 3rd party motor manufacturer? Thanks, Doug Larimore
  2. Hello All, I just returned from working overseas, and I am looking at starting over with purchasing new tools. I have questions that I hope the community can assist with. Cheers, Doug Larimore
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