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  1. BUMP. Anyone knows if there is a way to escalate my support request since the general support staff seems not equipped to handle my question (or fully understand what I asked) as they kept asking me for pictures of this and that, information and pictures that were submitted with the initial inquiry.
  2. I am curious, is the adapter working fine still after some time? I did the same experiment in 2020. At the time there were several adapters available, one by the oslo tool company out in western Europe, and a few on ebay from other countries. I bought an adapter from someone operating in Russia. I think it was about $40 including shipping. The adapter came and the fitment was fine and i was able to cut with it. However, I think the metal used for the adapter was not hard enough or the Starlock simply overpowers it at higher speeds. My adapter uses an allen wrench to secure the blade to the adapter. well the allen wrench is harder then the adapter itself. After a few tightening and untightening, the hex shape recessed hole is slightly deformed. A close up. and the usage was fine at lower speeds like when you do sanding or removing caulk or light duty flush cutting a baseboard. But once you turn on high speed, trying to cut out some mortar witha diamond blade or notch a hard framing lumber with embedded nails, the OMT overpowers the adapter and the blade will spin loose. I was afraid this may happen as the Starlock "3D" interface is to transfer more power for the cutting and once you dial it up to 5 or 6 I feel excessive vibration and these blades come loose too often too easy. So I stopped using it. Would love to hear how the oslo company's adapter work after being used for a while especially whether it was able to withstand the higher power modes without busting loose or even deforming the adapter.
  3. So now I am on this back and forth with Milwaukee customer service and I would like some suggestion on how to get to someone on Milwaukee's side that is technical enough to understand my question. My first inquiry to their customer service / technical support is via their online contact form. I basically include everything I typed in the first post, with detail explanation and pictures. The first reply I got back after a few days is to get part number 48-03-2526. So it appears they did not even read my email carefully. I replied back and said 48-03-2526 is indeed the adapter I have in my hand, and the adapter I showed in the pictures, the adapter that is not working, and the adapter referenced in the user manual whose picture I also included. The second reply was "can you send us pictures of what you have?" So I sent in the pictures again, of the OMT, the adapter, the blades I have, and the fitment issue, all of those were in the original inquiry. The third reply was I need to buy part number 48-90-0000 and that is the adapter I need. I called around locally and one Ace hardware has it in stock. I went there and bought it and it didn't even fit on the M18 OMT. I then did a search and even on Milwaukee's own site it says that the 48-90-0000 "The Milwaukee Multi-Tool Adaptor allows for all Milwaukee Multi-Tool Blades to be used with Porter Cable, Black & Decker, and DeWalt brand multi-tools" so it's designed to allow mounting of Milwaukke brand blades onto other OMTs, not an adapter to fit other brand blades onto the M18 OMT. I replied back to Milwaukee that this didn't work. But I guess I cannot rely on Milwaukee's CS to help solve the problem they either didn't understand what I was asking or worse yet didn't care about wasting my time. I don't know if there is another department like product engineering or whatever that may know the answer but so far Milwaukee hasn't been helpful at all.
  4. some sort of a thermal protection fault?
  5. Thank you very much for the information. I am glad I am not the only who mix and match batteries for different tools and don't remember if a battery comes from which tool (which receipt). Seems like this would be a common issue especially for those who have many Milwaukee tools.
  6. Just a quick follow up, I also contacted Milwaukee's customer support and their reply was the adapter I need is part number 48-03-2526. This is the adapter I have already, so not sure why they would suggest that to buy an additional wrong adapter.
  7. My apologies if this has been addressed before. I have an 18V Fuel Hackzall that is acting up and need service. I never registered the tool and I think I tried to register it at one point but was told there is no need because Milwaukee goes by the serial numbers so I never registered it. I know I purchased it as a kit (including drill, impact, hackzall, one 5ah battery, one 6ah battery) in December of 2019 and home depot at the time had a special to throw in an extra starter kit 5ah battery and charger. I may still have the receipt somewhere but it will take some effort to find it. Anyways, I signed up for a new account at service.milwaukeetool.com. Here are my specific questions. (1) Do I need to upload my receipt or can they tell the date of purchase (approximately) but my serial number? (2) It appears I can only "ADD A TOOL" if I intend on sending it in for service? Because it asked me what the issue is with that tool. Is it possible to add all my Milwaukee tools in there, and upload all the receipts (if I can find them) so that when it comes time to service I can just select the one that needs repair and submit a request? (3) If you buy a tool kit with multiple pieces, or have "bonus" battery or starter kits. if they need to be sent in for repairs, are you ADDING the tool kit or just the individual tool that's experiencing the issue? (4) I do not have a problem with batteries and chargers right now, but I am curious how this is addressed for repairs. I have three 5ah batteries, two 2ah batteries, one 6ah battery. I don't really know/remember which 5ah battery came with which combo kit, which one came with the drill, which one came with the blower etc...I pick up whichever battery with a full charge and use them with whichever tool. So in the event that I have a 5ah battery that is failing, I honestly cannot tell if that battery came with the December 2019 drill impact hackzall kit, or the bonus starter kit, or the May 2020 blower kit, or the November 2019 2G vacuum. Now if I don't know which kit that battery came from, how would I know which receipt to upload? I have to think this is a common issue, where some of you have a dozen batteries and do you keep track of which battery came from which purchase?
  8. I recently purchased a Milwaukee M18 oscillating tool, and since this is my fifth OMT and the first cordless one, I rounded all my OMT blades from over the years and see if they all fit on this OMT and I am having trouble with those made by Rockwell, I think they are often referred to as "First generation" or "original" Rockwell blades. These blades have a 12 sided star shaped mounting hole. In referring to Milwaukee's own user manual, there is an adapter for it, and I have this adapter. Enlarged: This is the OMT with the adapter added. You can tell the adapter is exactly the one in the manual. I then tried to put some blades on it, and the fitment is poor and loose. Is the Milwaukee documentation wrong, or is there another adapter for these blades? Thank you.
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