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  1. I have done a review for the Dewalt DCD780C2 here at dcd780c2.com. As stated in my review, been using it a few months now, it's a great drill.
  2. Hello Everyone, new member....let me get straight to the point. Had my work tools stolen a few weeks ago...need a whole new bag of tools (hopefully from insurance money). Has anyone (tradesman) tried the DCD780C2 by Dewalt. I have checked Amazon.com and it has favorable reviews but the people on their are just average joe's, i would prefer a tradesmans review...so far I only found one here DCD780C2 from a tradesman which is poistive but I was hoping for a couple more before I buy as I want a tool that lasts a while, and has postive tradesman reviews...my old tools were mainly Makita but Im not exactly loyal to them to be honest. Thanks for any responses in advance. If you dont rate it what would you recommend, like I said, im buying a whole new tool bag with insurance money, Im basically starting from scratch.
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