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  1. Well it's FINALLY here! Not only is the eagerly awaited video up, but so is our new site! If you want to see our full review, please check it out! http://oztooltalk.com/hammer_drill_comparison/ If you really really wanna see the video without going to our new site (and risk making me cry) ... Edit: UPDATED VIDEOS ARE UP! Sorry for the mess about. Prepare to be shocked.
  2. Good morning guys, I'm about to get my first impact driver to work with wood and concrete. i need your advice because I don't know which one will be better for me, between Makita XDT01Z and Makita LXDT06Z... the XDT01Z it looks powerful just let me know if I`m right. the Makita XDT01Z and the Makita LXDT06Z
  3. Just bought the Ridgid x4 drill and impact combo after watching the TIA review. got a great price, $179 i believe, and so far has impressed me. I'm sure DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Makita might have better but the style and features fit my needs as a low voltage installer/ tech. Can't wait to expand my set and get a few more cool tools. Thanks guys at Tools In Action!
  4. so heres the story, as a hobby i build wood duck boxes, i use the dewalt #6 countersink bit on all of them. in the past 2 weeks i have broken 2 bits by just drilling, not dropping them just drilling holes, at 20 dollars for the set at home depot it becomes an expensive problem, has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Pros: Fast charge, long battery lifeIncludes extra batteryLifetime battery replacement programDecent torque - haven't had a problem with any screws or drill jobs yetIncludes bagSize & weight are convenient Cons: Hex chuck - only works with hex bits. Rockwell includes 3 special hex drill bits to compensate.You can buy a $20 chuck attachment if you insist on only using this drill.You'll definitely need a normal drill as well - I use this one for quick jobs and driving only It appears very expensive on Amazon - $116 on 6/25/15: http://amzn.com/B004U4BAI8 I bought mine for less than $50 at Costco about a year ago, and I'm happy with it for that price, but probably wouldn't be for $116.
  6. Hi, I have a DeWalt 12V cordless drill. Recently while installing wood planks, I accidentally shifted the gear from low speed (1) to high speed (2) while holding the trigger. I heard a werid noise when it shifted over, but everything have been normal after that, the gears shift back and forth normally, and no apparant problems arised. Though I'm still concerned if there are any damages caused to the transmission, as I read on the Owner's Manual that such action should not be performed. Can someone shed some light on this as I'm quite fond of my drill ;-) Many thanks?
  7. Hey folks, I was hoping someone here could give me some advice. My husband mentioned recently that his drill is on its last legs so I thought I'd buy him a new one for Christmas but I don't know anything about these things :-( He uses the drill for general DIY stuff around the house and he is doing up an old landrover (not sure if he uses the drill for this at all!) The one he has got is quite old, it's corded and he said once he could do with a twin speed one. He has got a Makita cordless screwdriver that he like a lot, so I thought this drill looked good : http://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dhp453rftk-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-cordless-combi-drill-101-accessories/34224?kpid=34224&cm_mmc=Google-_-Product%20Listing%20Ads-_-Sales%20Tracking-_-sales%20tracking%20url&kpid=34224&cm_mmc=Google-_-Shopping%20-%20Power%20Tools-_-Shopping%20-%20Power%20Tools&gclid=COvhiLfimMICFeHHtAodM0UAig# That is around my budget and gets good reviews, but any advice anyone can throw my way would be much appreciated! Oh, he always said he needs some double-headed ratchet spanners - I have no idea where to start with them!!! Thanks all :-)
  8. Hey All, Up for sale is a brand new, unused, Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill driver.. I ended up buying the new makita 18v brushless drill so im gonna sell this one. just a few weeks ago, before the new makita, i bought it as a kit but it never came out of its case (except for some pictures).. It has never had a bit in the chuck, in fact the chuck is still in the closed position it was in when i got it... I decided i wanted to keep the batteries for some of my other tools so im deciding to sell whats left as a "bare tool plus" kit! Included is; 1- brand new drill driver 2403-20 1- brand new 12v charger 48-59-2401 1- mint condition case 42-55-2100 and even cardboard sleeve if you want it owners manuals Price for everything, including standard shipping to the CONUS $139.00 $105.00 payment via paypal Thanks for looking and please let me know if you are interested..
  9. Hey Guys! I am thinking I should buy a good Christmas gift for myself.Does anyone have any personal reviews for the Delta 1800-900L? I saw one review on this site but that's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. The latest most advanced power drill in the world today for the most advanced workshops. A powerful, lightweight, professional power tool that changes the rules of power tools for ever. For the last 24 years I've been inventing and creating power tools that have sold over 41 million units in over 45 countries and under brand names such as Craftsman, Ryobi, Ridgid, Mastercraft, Macallister, i-drill, 909, GMC and many more. A couple of years ago I set out to build something I've wanted to build for the last 20 years. A power tool that operates intuitively by TOUCH. Why TOUCH you may ask, products that operate intuitively feel right, they generate confidence, something you should always have when using a power tool. I wanted it to be a tool that’s powerful, lightweight, credible and a must have for your workshop. My design direction was how a drill should operate and feel on the outside, not the way the components fitted on the inside. I need your help to achieve the goal of raising funds to assist in making the launch of this product a giant success. Please visit us here at: TOUCH CONTROLLED 12v CORDLESS DRILL DRIVER
  11. Hi all I have a Milwaukee 28v right angle drill that I use on a winch to trim sails and haul me up the mast on our sailboat. Lats week the ability for the drill to perform at a variable speed quit on me. Pulling the trigger, it was either full speed or non. It also got stuck at full speed a few times. My question is has anyone familiar with this problem, and if so is it something I could fix or would I need to send it off to Milwaukee. Any input much appreciated. Phill
  12. Hi I have come to terms with the fact that I will need to part with a serious amount of cash and get me a drill press. Just wondering whether any of you guys on the forum have any particular favourites or any thoughts on the drill presses I should avoid. I expect that I will have about $400 to splash out with. Looking forward to reading your thoughts! Thanks Marko
  13. I need your help please. Any information or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! I was recently given some shop tools by a friend that is moving and won't have room for them. One of the tools is an Enco 126-2170 drill press which I restored (first picture). Along with it came what I'm guessing as some sort of press table mounting equipement (second picture). Can anyone identify what the parts in the second picture are and what they're used for? Thanks in advance, Bob Templeton T3chDad®
  14. Hi all new to the forum, just thought I'd start to get my two cents in on Milwaukee. Recently purchased multiple FUEL products awaiting delivery will write full review. M18 2653-22 M18 FUEL impact driver 2603-20 M18 FUEL drill 2655-22 M18 FUEL 1/2 impact wrench 2663-20 M18 High Torque impact wrench M12 2454-20 M12 FUEL 2 speed 3/8* impact wrench 2402-20 M12 FUEL 2 speed screwdriver 2403-22 M12 FUEL drill/driver 2.0/4.0 2457-20 M12 cordless 3/8* ratchet All tools purchased for work on a tool binge month. I've only received the 2653-22 so far as the others are bundled together in pre-order purchases. I have built a ski and boot rack of ply-wood and 2x4's since then, Initial thoughts are the LED helps alot, FUEL's "mode" selector is amazing which is kinda what sold me on the other M18 impact wrench 2655-22 as you can precisely gauge the power your putting to the fastener. I also really was drawn to the extended run-time of Brushless and 2.0/4.0 batteries. Thats it for now should have everything shipped to my door by Mid-March.
  15. I bought the above Bosch Drill because it was cordless and easy to use anywhere, it is the first cordless I have owned. The problem I am having is that every time I put a drill bit in and start using it the chuck keeps loosening off and I have to repeatedly retighten it to finish the job. I have read all through the instructions and can't see anything extra I should be doing to lock the keyless chuck. Has anyone else had similar problems with this drill? Or any suggestions of what I might be missing? I don't want to take it back if it is just something I am doing wrong! Thanks for any help/suggestions Caracroft
  16. Help you to find the power tools replacement batteries with high quality and low price (ebay shop: googolpower): http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Googol-Power/Power-Tools-Batteries-/_i.html?_fsub=657839018&_sid=196708718&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
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