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Found 20 results

  1. This is my Makita TD171DB from Japan. I have enjoyed it a lot so far (1 month). I have had the makita xdt13 impact driver for almost a year now and love it so much that when i found out these existed i went and got one. The TD171D incudes the following 4 Speed modes: 1 -- [ 0-1100 rpm & 0-1100 ipm ] 2 -- [ 0-2100 rpm & 0-2600 ipm ] 3 -- [ 0-3200 rpm & 0-3600 ipm ] 4 -- [ 0-3600 rpm & 0-3800 ipm ] 1600 in/lbs max torque The 4 assist modes include: 1 for entering wood, this mode starts slow until it you get into the
  2. I was given an All Pro Professional Tools Cordless Jig saw (Model APT-4PC-1) 18V 1700 RPM and the battery has no charge. The cordless jig saw is in awesome condition and I would like to order a new charger and battery but cannot find a website to order from. I know it is a long shot, but has anyone heard of this brand or know where I could find a new charger and battery? I have included some pictures of it from all angles. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. JK/cam
  3. Does anyone know where to find a chart on Ryobi 18v battery life? Want to make sure it's worth the money.
  4. I have 2 18v Hitachi EBM1830 batteries that came with a 8 tool combo kit. Tried using my hammer drill, 1 battery works fine, the other says fully charged on the charger and when I use it with the drill, it runs about a minute before the drill quits. I can immediately place it back on the charger and it shows fully charged. Both batteries read 20.4v with a voltmeter. Bad battery?
  5. noodeel

    DHP 482...

    I bought a 10.8v Makita Driver last week and while its been great (& compact) for light work... It has since proven inadequate. I'm going to mount a bike rack to a concrete column & some tensile cables to hang curtains (don't judge me...) into concrete & the 10.8v is not up to the job. The sales guy informs me that a 12v with hammer action in the same size will be in tomorrow, but TBH, I'm better off with an 18v. Most of my needs are around assembling furniture and mounting stuff to walls, but I need one drill that can do everything... What's the consensus on the Makita
  6. Gday guys, I'm sure this question gets asked a heap, but which brand should I buy? I'm currently looking to buy a high quality 18v kit, preferably brushless or mostly brushless. It's just for home use, but I want something that will be good for the next 10 years at least. My father in law has metabo cordless drills that are 8 years old and still have crazy amounts of torque, to give you an idea. I'm looking to buy a drill, impact driver, circular saw, angle grinder. Since it seems silly not to, I'll also get a reciprocating saw. And I really want a good
  7. Just wanted to get some opinions on which way to go between the 12v brushless Fuel impact/hammer drill combo kit by Milwaukee and Makita's 18v brushless sub-compact drill/impact combo. Milwaukee has a sale at my Home Depot where the 12v Fuel is $169, while Makita's sub-compact kit comes with a free third battery for $229. I already have Milwaukee's surge/hammer drill 18v combo and a Fuel circ. saw, as well as Hitachi's Triple Hammer, so I'm not looking to expand much (if at all) in either the Milwaukee 12v or the Makita 18v (knock on wood). They both feel great ergonomically, and appear to hav
  8. Just wondering(not planing on buying one any time soon) How does the makita 18v (the one that takes two batteries) chainsaw compare to a "mid-range" stihl chainsaw. it would only be used a few times a year, and my Dad already has the the makita 18v line
  9. My Hitachi DV18DL which has been a faithful friend over many years is no more. Whilst making a Homemade BBQ... she bit the dust.
  10. What a tool, but with a price to match.
  11. Just how much wobble is normal on a ridgid impact driver? I have the gen5x brushless and just recently took it out of the box. Here's some footage. Bit is around 2.5 in. Ridgid 18v brushless impact driver gen5x 2.5 in. drill bit Bosch 12v drill with the same bit side view Ridgid 18v brushless hammer drill gen5x same drill bit from the rear slo mo Bosch 12v drill rear view slo mo Ridgid impact driver rear view slo mo running at top speed
  12. Hello .... I've just bought a DeWalt DCS355N-XJ multi tool.... will the 18V LI-ION 1.3AH battery from my Dewalt cordless drill be compatible?
  13. Hello .... I've just bought a DeWalt DCS355N-XJ multi tool.... will the 18V LI-ION 1.3AH battery from my Dewalt cordless drill be compatible?
  14. Hi, this is my first post thus I assume Ive done something wrong on the post, sorry. I am starting over on a 18V line, I have Craftsman 19.2 but I am selling them as all the batterys are dead. I am looking for any advice about which brand to get. I don't honestly use most of the tools all that much, I have the Makita 12V and that does most of the day to day drilling/screwing. I want to have a few tools of good quality that will last, above all I want tips on how to make the batterys last as long as possible and not have the 4 dead batterys I have now. I am not all that worried about the mone
  15. Well it's FINALLY here! Not only is the eagerly awaited video up, but so is our new site! If you want to see our full review, please check it out! http://oztooltalk.com/hammer_drill_comparison/ If you really really wanna see the video without going to our new site (and risk making me cry) ... Edit: UPDATED VIDEOS ARE UP! Sorry for the mess about. Prepare to be shocked.
  16. I have looked at and considered the cordless laminate trimmer/router that ryobi offer but there aren't very many reviews/videos I can find online relating to it. I'm wondering if anyone here has used it, can recommend it or advise against it and what it's pros + cons are? It's priced at $79 for the skin here in Melbourne, but I am on the Makita platform so I'd need batteries and a charger. How long do ryobi' high capacity batteries take to charge (2.5, 4.0+5.0)? Thanks
  17. what is the differnce between the brushless impact drivers, and which is the best option ? i use mine quiet alot had my original for 6 years but is starting to wear down and wondering which is the best to upgrade to?
  18. Hi I was wondering if anyone know's or has heard if Makita are making a cordless trimmer router. I emailed Makita mid last year but no response from them. I know Ryobi makes one but really dont want to purchase it if I know Makita will be making one. Cheers.
  19. CD1982

    some questions

    well I have some questions for you other dewalt users.. I work at a local student housing complex and two weeks ago they were broken into.. all of my cordless tools and various hand tools were taken along with the propertys and coworkers.. I had the 18volt stuff and my fav was my impact I used it more than the other cordless tools.. im trying to get the company to replace all my things and I hope it happens.. so im thinking about making the jump to the 20volt brushless drill and impact.. any input on this set infact im looking at the DCK281D2 drill and impact kit at lowes.
  20. So, Long story short, the 18v right angle grinder stopped working, but bypassing the silver electronics module started the motor right up. Therefore, what does that thing do? I am guessing that some refer to a clutch in the tool, and not seeing one, the box may sense a near stall condition and lock out. Thoughts?
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