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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DEWALT-20V-MAX-6-1-2-inch-Circular-Saw-Laser-Level-Cut-Line-Marker-Attachment-/144156386953?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  2. Hi Folks, I just picked up a Dewalt drill/driver combo (DCK283D2, 20v brushless). After alot of research, I found that every one of the big names (Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc) have fan boys and haters. So, I went with what I see alot of the guys that do work for me use. I put the battery in the charger (for the first time) and the charger charged and then said it is full (solid red light). When I check the power level on the battery, only 2 of the 3 green LEDs light up. The book says this is a charge equal to 50-70% charge level. I called DeWalt and they eventually called back. The guy said that it should charge to 100% and to go get another unit from the retailer. I did and this one has the same thing. I doubt that I would end up with two units that are malfunctioning in the same way. Has anyone experienced this? This can't be normal. But, I can't be sure. This is my first "big boy" tool. Thanks
  3. Heres the link at home depot https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-20-Volt-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Roofing-Nailer-Kit-with-Battery-2-0-Ah-Charger-and-Bag-DCN45RND1/312302764 Available at most home depots, non promotional during covid19 outbreak
  4. I was at my local flea market and found some Dewalt batteries 20 v all different 3,4,5,6 AH with dewalt branding on them that look 100% legit at less than half of retail price. Are there fake batteries that look exactly like the real deal out there? Any experience with flea market dewalt tools?
  5. Was just curious if anyone knew what new tools are rumored or planned to be coming out for dewalt in north america. I know the first wave of flexvolt tools will be shiping in a week or so then a 9.0 battery and some 60v OPE will come out in early 2017. Heard that a flexvolt track saw and sds rotary hammer for north america might be a thing. Not sure what else.
  6. I haven't seen a mention of these nailers on here so I created this post. I read about these a couple weeks ago and was amazed DeWalt hasn't announced the 18ga nailer to accompany the 16ga unit. Per 'Tools of the Trade': "Porter-Cable recently introduced a new lineup of cordless nail guns for finish carpenters, woodworkers, and remodeling contractors. The PCC790, a 18 gauge brad nailer, and the PCC791, a 18 gauge crown stapler are scheduled to hit the market in Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 respectively." "Expected cost: 18GA Brad Nailer equipped with one 20V MAX 1.5Ah battery (PCC790LA): $199 (expected release Dec 2015) 18GA Narrow Crown Stapler quipped with one 20V MAX 1.5Ah battery (PCC791LA): $219 (expected release Jan 2016)" http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/cordless-tools/porter-cables-new-cordless-finish-nailers_o.aspx?dfpzone=tools COME ON DEWALT! What are your thoughts?
  7. Forgive me if someone has already addressed this somewhere on the forum already. I've been a fan of DeWalt battery powered tools for years, and recently decided to replace my older 18V tools with the newer 20V versions rather than have them repaired, and I found that I had a large number of options on how the tools could be packaged. Tool Only Tool & Battery only Tool, Battery & Charger in a plastic case Tool, Battery & Charger without a case Tool, Battery & Charger in a tool bag Multiple tools, Batteries & Charger in a tool bag Paired tools, Batteries & Charger in heavy duty case with custom insert. My first tool, a hammer drill, I purchased in the "Tool, Battery & Charger in a plastic case" configuration, since I needed both a battery and a charger for the new style battery. When I started looking at my next tool, the circular saw, I realized several things. 1). All of the DeWalt plastic cases have different dimensions, and do not stack up in an efficient way. 2). I don't necessarily need a charger for every tool. 3). I would rather have the higher capacity batteries instead of the ones normally shipped in the kits. 4). The paired tools are not offered in a pairing that includes 2 tools that I actually want (same goes for the multi-tool kits). As a result I chose to purchase a "Tool Only" option. Now I have to solve the problem of storing and transporting this (and future) tools without a factory fitted case. For a brief moment I thought that DeWalt had a solution.....I saw a 2 tool kit, at Home Depot, that was packed in one of the Heavy Duty cases, with custom molded inserts for the tools, but, upon checking with the DeWalt web site, I found that they were only offering molded inserts for that specific combination of tools.....no such luck! So, what I am wondering is, "what are other people who buy tool only options using for storage and transportation of the tools?" Is there anyone out there who is making boxes that can be configured to fit DeWalt tools, with large capacity batteries and shared charger. Boxes that will protect the tools when not in use, and will stack / pack solidly together?
  8. CD1982

    some questions

    well I have some questions for you other dewalt users.. I work at a local student housing complex and two weeks ago they were broken into.. all of my cordless tools and various hand tools were taken along with the propertys and coworkers.. I had the 18volt stuff and my fav was my impact I used it more than the other cordless tools.. im trying to get the company to replace all my things and I hope it happens.. so im thinking about making the jump to the 20volt brushless drill and impact.. any input on this set infact im looking at the DCK281D2 drill and impact kit at lowes.. ill also get the other cordless items in 20v light skillsaw and sawzal in 20v.. is it worth the jump or should I just get all new 18v stuff. I know I liked the battery life of my 18v stuff never had issues. and that impact would do anything I needed it to do...
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