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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, new inquirer here. I need to get a 1/2" impact wrench for the main purpose of removing and reinstalling the blades on my John Deere 48" mower deck. I'm 70 now and doing it with a 1/2 socket wrench and a torque wrench is pretty much out of the question now. So, I have a recommendation from my repair guy. He uses the DeWalt 20V 1/2 impact wrench. However, I'm a little inundated with so many DeWalt models and most of them look different from each other and have different prices, even though they say they are 1/2" and 20V. I know some have a brushless motor, and I like the sounds of that
  2. - Hey all, I'm new here, but love what I'm reading and learning on the forum. I'm a moderator DIY guy and am looking to upgrade all of my tools. I have a plethora of used Milwaukee and DeWalt tools that have been handed down to me or purchased used over the years, but it's time for me to get a good combo kit finally. I don't NEED anything professional grade but absolutely appreciate quality tools and want something I can keep for many many years. I'm looking at some of the current home depot deals and I'm torn between two options: 1. Milwaukee M18 6 Piece Combo Brushed
  3. Just wanted to get some opinions on which way to go between the 12v brushless Fuel impact/hammer drill combo kit by Milwaukee and Makita's 18v brushless sub-compact drill/impact combo. Milwaukee has a sale at my Home Depot where the 12v Fuel is $169, while Makita's sub-compact kit comes with a free third battery for $229. I already have Milwaukee's surge/hammer drill 18v combo and a Fuel circ. saw, as well as Hitachi's Triple Hammer, so I'm not looking to expand much (if at all) in either the Milwaukee 12v or the Makita 18v (knock on wood). They both feel great ergonomically, and appear to hav
  4. Love this new makita sawzall its brushless powerful two speed settings and a variable speed trigger and a trigger lock. Rafter hook light on front , adjustable shoe. I would highly recommended I use 4ah batteries with it and works great.
  5. Anyone know the real torque ratings for this impact? I was looking on Ryobi's website (in Australia) and it says the torque ratings are 50/100/270 Nm (443/885/2400 in-lbs). I am finding that very hard to believe but I can't fine anywhere that states otherwise. http://www.ryobi.com.au/products/details/18v-one-brushless-impact-driver
  6. Just how much wobble is normal on a ridgid impact driver? I have the gen5x brushless and just recently took it out of the box. Here's some footage. Bit is around 2.5 in. Ridgid 18v brushless impact driver gen5x 2.5 in. drill bit Bosch 12v drill with the same bit side view Ridgid 18v brushless hammer drill gen5x same drill bit from the rear slo mo Bosch 12v drill rear view slo mo Ridgid impact driver rear view slo mo running at top speed
  7. I know a lot of you are excited about these tools, so hope you enjoy! I think they're little rippers...
  8. Well it's FINALLY here! Not only is the eagerly awaited video up, but so is our new site! If you want to see our full review, please check it out! http://oztooltalk.com/hammer_drill_comparison/ If you really really wanna see the video without going to our new site (and risk making me cry) ... Edit: UPDATED VIDEOS ARE UP! Sorry for the mess about. Prepare to be shocked.
  9. Just spotted the new brushless 18v XR SDS DCH273P2 coming available in the UK soon!!!! I am a little annoyed as it has only been about 2 months since I bought the DCH253M2 Any way there seems to be a new belt hook added to the new one!! Something I could have really done with a number of times over the past few months. Still looks cool and I want one!! Just need an excuse for needing two SDS drills so I can buy one Here is a pic
  10. Hello all, Been lurking on the forums, finally decided to sign up. I need your guys help in making my next purchase. My budget is $650 and I'm looking to get an Impact Driver/ A drill/ and an SDS plus rotary hammer. I'm looking for all cordless and preferably brushless. I'm down to the following unless you have a better suggestion: ***Option 1 Makita Xt25m combo kit for $384.97 ( The promo also includes a free dual 18vx2 36v rotary hammer ) So this would give me the ( xph07z Hammer Drill, Xtd01z Impact, & free xhrz053 Dual battery rotary hammer) Then I could use and additional $150
  11. I was wondering how cheap i could make a functioning cnc router. I was debating about using an arduino uno (clones for about $1, Original for about $35) and some ebay H-bridge chips to control large dc motors that i have gotten for free out of old drills and recip saws. Using some hardware store threaded rod and nuts as well as copper pipe and some pipe couplers for the bushings. The copper pipe may be one of the most sturdy and cheap ways of linear motion. Utilizing a dremel or similar for a spindle or even a brush less quadcopter motor.
  12. Does anyone else feel as I do that Dewalt should invest more R&D dollars in new tools? I"d like to be a loyal Dewalt owner, but I have to admit that I have a bit of envy for the constant stream of new and innovative tools from Milwaukee. I just saw an article that they're introducing 22 new tools over the next year, many of them brushless. The new brushless motors put cordless tools on par with corded tools and are more than just a novelty. What are we hearing from Dewalt? Zip, nada, nothing. I stopped in at one of their traveling road shows and the folks running the show knew nothin
  13. Has anyone tried out these new Makita brushless combi and impact drivers? My mate on site has demo'd them at a show and says they're kick a$$: http://www.twwholesale.co.uk/product.php/section/6091/sn/Makita-DLX2040TJ-Twinpack Finally a brushless combi with a brushless impact driver together rather than one or the other...
  14. Any info on Dewalt expanding their brushless XR lineup? I hope to see at least a circular saw and sawzall by July, my hope is fading and needs restoration. Someone come with the good news already
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