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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Folks, I just picked up a Dewalt drill/driver combo (DCK283D2, 20v brushless). After alot of research, I found that every one of the big names (Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc) have fan boys and haters. So, I went with what I see alot of the guys that do work for me use. I put the battery in the charger (for the first time) and the charger charged and then said it is full (solid red light). When I check the power level on the battery, only 2 of the 3 green LEDs light up. The book says this is a charge equal to 50-70% charge level. I called DeWalt and they eventually called back. The guy said that it should charge to 100% and to go get another unit from the retailer. I did and this one has the same thing. I doubt that I would end up with two units that are malfunctioning in the same way. Has anyone experienced this? This can't be normal. But, I can't be sure. This is my first "big boy" tool. Thanks
  2. When i come to use it ive got 3 flashing lights and nothing going round. When i put it in the charger the charger green light doesn't come on , but the drill works (2 battery charging status lights) Where is the problem - drill , charger or battery ?
  3. Hi everyone, I use my Makita Impact Driver/Drill combo set to build sets for theatrical productions. My DC18RC charger stopped working and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I had it in my tool kit and with my coffee thermos, and the thermos leaked, and I think it maybe got water damage. Not sure because the leakage was pretty contained, but the charger hasn’t worked since the leak happened in my toolkit, so Occam’s razor says water damage. I plugged the charger into the wall outlet a couple hours after the leak occurred and The light on the charger did not turn on. I’ve plugged the charger into multiple different working outlets on different days, and the light never turns on when I plug it in. I am not an electrician but do like doing some hobby level electronics. I opened the case of the charger and didn’t see anything blatantly wrong with it to my untrained eyes. Any suggestions on if this could be fixable, if it is water damage, and how I would do that? I see a lot of warnings regarding chargers, so I don’t really wanna risk doing a bad repair job and starting a fire. But I’d love to save it if possible! Thank you!
  4. I was given an All Pro Professional Tools Cordless Jig saw (Model APT-4PC-1) 18V 1700 RPM and the battery has no charge. The cordless jig saw is in awesome condition and I would like to order a new charger and battery but cannot find a website to order from. I know it is a long shot, but has anyone heard of this brand or know where I could find a new charger and battery? I have included some pictures of it from all angles. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. JK/cam
  5. Why is it so expensive?? At least in Europe. The "normal" 240V AC rapid charger is like 40 euro, but the 12V car charger is over 100 euro! And why is it so big? Charging 3.7V batteries from 12V input shouldn't require complicated electronics. And what's up with the "Don't accelerate" sign? All the electronics that I run on the cigarette lighter work fine when i accelerate, but the Makita charger doesn't?!
  6. There's been discussion about aftermarket/replacement batteries, what about chargers? Anyone using one? There's one for every brand on Ebay.
  7. Hey all, I will post each video in oztooltalk's M12 mechanic / auto series in the thread, for those interested. The latest video will always be at the top of this post. The tools for review are: 3/8" Ratchet FUEL 3/8" Wrench (still to come) FUEL Drill (still to come) Sander / polisher Rotary Tool (still to come) Mspector camera Stick light Jobsite radio Multi-charger USB Charger And the Jobsite Radio, USB Charger and 4-Bay Sequential Charger. And now the Mspector (inspection camera) and Stick Light! Next up, the Sander / Polisher: First up, the 3/8" Ratchet!
  8. Has anyone heard when the M12/M18 charger is coming out.... or has it already? I can't seem to find it yet! It seems kind of ridiculous that I want to buy it (when I own 4 M12 chargers) but I think it could make things easier and less cluttered when working. Any input would be great. Thanks, FB82
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