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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have a Makita HP1621F which is a keyless 1/2” hammer drill. It’s a nice drill, but the chuck has finally failed on me. It will tighten, but after a few minutes use it loosens. First question: does this mean I need to replace just the chuck or might the problem instead/also be with the spindle, compression spring, ball bearing, retaining ring or helical gear, all of which have a bearing on the chuck (see the parts diagram at: https://www.ereplacementparts.com/makita-hp1621f-hammer-drill-parts-c-97_16247_1585.html) I’d hate to throw it away for want of a chuck. Unfortunately, the Makita replacement chuck, even on eBay is pricey ($50 new). I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new part for an old tool which itself has an uncertain life. It’s only worth getting a replacement chuck for not too much money. So, I’m wondering if any forum readers could suggest an OEM or other chuck that would work in my Makita HP1621F. Note: the description on the drill itself, describes the drill as a 5/8" drill. However, all the descriptions of the drill I've ever seen (on eBay, for example) list it as a 1/2" hammer drill. The Makita replacement chuck is Part Number: 763192-3. My thanks in advance for your suggestions and help. I will very much appreciate them.
  2. Hi All.....I have an old B&D reversable drill ( model 7127 ) and I'd like to repurpose the parts for a mini lathe. I can 't seem to get the chuck out. Got the screw out for can't figure out if its threaded, tapered or what. There seems to be no way to stop the chuck fron spinning so whacking it with a hammer doesn't seem to work. The tiny bit of spindle that come out the rear of the drill is not enough to really get a good grip on it. Any suggestions would be great.
  3. Hello, so i recently bought a cordless makita combo kit ( impact driver and drill driver) and while i was using the drill driver at work i noticed something odd, when tightening drill bits the chuck seems to click after it has been tightened? Is this normal or is there something wrong? Sometimes it would click/spin quarter turn multiple times after being fully tightened. There has been times were the drill bits have fallen out(chuck loosened by its self) Would appreciate any help
  4. Good day folks. I recently had to replace the slider in my BJR182. I have it in place and am now struggling with the chuck. According to assembly diagrams I have seen online, I believe I have all the pieces in the right order and positions. However, I cannot seem to get the driving sleeve to slide over the guide sleeve far enough to match up with the driving sleeve guide and sleeve. I am aware of the notches on the guide and sleeve for the bump outs in the driving sleeve. I also understand the the ramped portion of the driving sleeve in regards to putting pressure on the shoulder pin and compression spring. I just, for the life of me, can't get the the driving sleeve to cooperate with e the guide and sleeve. Anyone run into this difficulty?
  5. I bought the above Bosch Drill because it was cordless and easy to use anywhere, it is the first cordless I have owned. The problem I am having is that every time I put a drill bit in and start using it the chuck keeps loosening off and I have to repeatedly retighten it to finish the job. I have read all through the instructions and can't see anything extra I should be doing to lock the keyless chuck. Has anyone else had similar problems with this drill? Or any suggestions of what I might be missing? I don't want to take it back if it is just something I am doing wrong! Thanks for any help/suggestions Caracroft
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