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Found 10 results

  1. tDoes anyone have an Owner’s Manual, or any information regarding this Sears Craftsman 2hp 20 gal 100 psi Twin Cylinder, portable horizontal air compressor? I recently purchased it from the original owner who’s wife bought it for him as a birthday gift in 1967. It’s model # is 106.173640 & the first mention of it I could find was in the 1972/1973 Sears Craftsman Power & Hand Tool catalog on page 111. It was listed there as being stock # 17364N (it’s model # minus the 3 digit manufacturer identifier). It was also listed again in the 1973 catalog on page 24 with the same item, or stock #, and again in the following year’s catalog 1974/1975 on page 33. I’ve enclosed a few photos for you to note the quite different labeling attached to it, as well as the fact that unlike other Sears Craftsman air compressors I’ve seen—this didn’t come with a Craftsman motor, it was equipped with a 2hp model 6K773AB 115/230 V Dayton capacitor start, compressor duty motor from the factory. I also included copies of the pages that featured it in the Sears Craftsman Power & Hand Tool catalogs that I earlier referenced. Any help at all regarding this wonderfully maintained vintage air compressor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! Bill
  2. Early Craftsman Series (generally pre-1946, some exceptions): BC = unknown U.S. manufacturer, ca. ? - ? BE = New Britain and some Hinsdale, ca. 1931 - 1947 BT = unknown U.S. manufacturer, ca. 1936 - 1938 Cxx = New Britain and probably Hinsdale and Fulton, ca. 1930 - 1936 CI = probably Fulton, ca. 1930 - 1945 CF = Herbrand, ca. 1930 - 1936 C8 = JP Danielson, ca. 1930 -1936 F-circle = possibly Lectrolite, Miller Falls, or KD, ca. 1949 - 1964 G-circle = possibly Lectrolite, ca. 1949 - 1959 perhaps as late as 1964 H-circle = New Britain and some Hinsdale, ca. 1931 - 1947 K-circle = SK, ca. 1935 - 1949 perhaps as late as 1984 N-square = unknown U.S. manu., ca ? - ? P-circle = Wilde, ca. 1945 - 1960 S-circle = Kastar, ca. 1960 - 2008, perhaps earlier V-circle = unknown U.S. manu., ca. ? - 1985 U-circle = Plomb, ca. 1944-1948 The following section details what we currently know about the modern series codes. Much of the information for this section was taken from the personal tool inventory of Mr. Gary Lauver, consisting of approximately 450 Craftsman tools which were purchased between 1960 and 2008. As you can see, there is still much that we do not currently know. Modern Craftsman Series (generally 1946 and later, some exceptions): BF = probably Daido, possibly Hozan, Japanese made, ca 1969 - 1987 C = unknown U.S. manu., ca. 1991 D = unknown Chinese manu., ca. 2002-2008 DJ = Mitutoyo, Japanese made, ca. 1968 E & EE = Stanley Works, some U.S. made, some Taiwanese made, ca. 1982 - 1991 F = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 G = Danaher, ca. 1990 - 2008 G1 = Danaher, ca. 2000 G2 = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 GD2 = Danaher, ca. 2008 - ? GK = Danaher/Kingsley Tools Division, ca. 2003 - 2008 GK-A = Danaher/Kingsley Tools Division, ca. 1999 - 2003 GK-F = Danaher/Kinsley Tools Division, ca. 2007 - 2008 GK-G = Danaher/Kingsley Tools Division, ca. 2007 - 2008 GK-X = Danaher/Kinsley Tools Division, ca. ? - 2008 H = Danaher/Holo-Krome Division, ca. 1994 - 2008 HZ = likely Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 I-circle = Parker Mfg Co, ca. 1985 - 1986 K = SK division of Facom, ca. 1985 - 2004, could still be NOS on the shelves K1W = Danaher, ca. 2007 K3V = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 K3X = Danaher, ca. 2007 -2008 KR = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 KU = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 KV = Danaher, ca. ? - 2008 KW = Danaher, ca. 2002 - 2008, probably earlier KX = Danaher, ca. 2002 - 2008, probably earlier L1X = Danaher, ca. 2008 - ? M6W = Dahaher, ca. 2007 - 2008 P = Wilde, ca. ? - 2008 PR = Pratt Read, ca. 2002 - 2008 Q PR = Pratt Read, ca. ? S PR = Pratt Read, ca. 2007 - 2008 T PR = Pratt Read, ca. 2007 - 2008 U PR1-3 = Pratt Read, ca. 2008 V PR = Pratt Read, ca. 2007 - 2008 W PR = Pratt Read, ca 2007 - 2008 T1V = Danaher, ca. 2006 - 2007 T2W = Danaher, ca. 2008 T3W = Danaher, ca. 2008 T5V = Danaher, ca. 2008 T5W = Danaher, ca. 2008 T5X = Danaher, ca. 2008 V = Moore Drop Forge, ca. 1945 - 1968 perhaps earlier V (continued) = Easco, ca. 1969 - 1989, perhaps as late as 1991 VA = Armstrong division of Danaher, ca. 2002 - 2008, perhaps earlier VF = Danaher, ca. likely early 1990's VG = Danaher, ca. 1994 - 1995 VH = Danaher, ca. 1994 - 1997 VJ = Danaher, ca. 1994 - 2008 VK = Danaher, ca. 1996 - ? VL = Danaher, ca. ? - ? VM = Danaher, ca. ? - ? VN = Danaher, ca. 1999 - 2001 VP = Danaher, ca. ? - ? VQ = Danaher, ca. 2001 - 2004 VR = Danaher, ca. 2002 VS = Danaher, ca. 1995 - 2003 VT = Danaher, ca. 2006 VU = Danaher, ca. 2005 VV = Danaher, ca. 1990 - 2007, perhaps later VW = Danaher, ca. 2002 - 2008 V^(2nd V inverted) = Danaher, ca. 1992 - 2008 VVN = Danaher, ca. 2005 VVS = Danaher, ca. 2003 VVT = Danaher, ca. 2004 - 2005 VVV = Danaher, ca. 2008 VVW = Danaher, ca. 2008 VVX = Danaher, ca. 2002 - 2008, possibly earlier W = probably SK Hand tools, post-Facom , ca. 2005 - 2008 WF = Western Forge, ca. 1965 - 2008 WF ll = Western Forge, ca. 1969 WF K = Western Forge, ca. ? WF L = Western Forge, ca. ? WF R = Western Forge, ca. ? WF U = Western Forge, ca. 2008 WF V = Western Forge, ca. 2008 WF W = Western Forge, ca. 2002 - 2008 B WF = Western Forge, ca. ? C WF = Western Forge, ca. ? D WF = Western Forge, ca. 1993 - 2000 E WF = Western Forge, ca. ? F WF = Western Forge, ca. 2003 J WF = Western Forge, ca. 1995 K WF = Western Forge, ca. 1995 L WF = Western Forge, ca. ? M WF = Western Forge, ca. ? N WF = Western Forge, ca. ? Q WF = Western Forge, ca. 1990 - 1995 T WF = Western Forge, ca. 2002 - 2008 V WF = Western Forge, ca. 2002 - 2008 W WF = Western Forge, ca. 2002 - 2008 X WF = Western Forge, ca. 1965 - 2008 + WF = Western Forge, ca. 1965 - ? * WF = Western Forge, ca. 1965 - ? ∆ WF = Western Forge, ca. 1966 - ? □ WF = Western Forge, ca. 1965 - ? X = probably SK Hand tools, post-Facom , ca. 2008 - ? Z = Mayhew, ca. 1966 - 2008 3 = Kastar, ca. 1991 4 = Kastar, ca. 1992 [ = Kastar, ca. 2002 - 2008 possibly earlier .(Dot) = SK, ca. 2008 " " (Tools with no series code) = multiple U.S. manufacturer's including Allied Tool, American Tool, Danaher, Greenfield, Jore Corp, JS Technology, Kastar, KD, Lisle, Mayhew Steel, Midwest Snips, Milbar, Stanley Works, Stride Tool, Sturtevant Richmond, Ullman Devices, Vermont American, Western Forge, and Facom and other unknown foreign manufacturer's, ca. 1986 - 2008 Feel free to review, comment, and provide evidence of series codes, manufacturers, and/or dates not shown above. Post away! * Note-- items in red are recent updates. □ ∆ + __________________ Compiled by Gary Lauver
  3. After being in the trades, mostly carpentry and rental properties, I finally decided on Tstak as my choice of toolbox system. I have grown into a mostly interior trim carpenter and love these boxes. I have used all the brands and I was using a combination of the Milwaukee organizers and the 26" Jobsite box. At the same time I was using the Ridgid pro boxes for my bigger routers/planer etc. I was waiting for what ended up being Packout from Milwaukee, but the price is too high. And I thought the Ridgid system was too heavy.... I put a cap on my truck and now I no longer have the need for watertight boxes. I've worked at companies who use Festool tools, and I like the Systainer but the price is too much for an empty box, for me. And the whole idea of modular tool boxes is that everything goes into one. Maybe one day I'll put Festool tools and put in Tstask, lol. Another company I worked for was using the Tough System and I like it a lot also, but it's also a little heavy. They were not using it to it's fullest with carts/wall/van brackets etc. They were new to the modular tool box. If I go to a van I might switch to Tough System just for the wall/van brackets. Over time I will add some photos of actual tools in the boxes and the setup. First round, was the Craftfsman set I got locally, still had to drive an hour to touch some Tstaks in hand. Checked that most tools will fit with accessories etc, combo certain tools together. Now the Craftsman "Mobile Storage" bottom box with wheels is bigger than the standard big Tstak and will fit Sawzalls and longer bigger items. The wheels and extending arm look like the weak point, wheels will pickup sand/mud/snow on the inside. Second round, I ordered one of the Home Depot sets with nice upright trolley and drawer/big boxes. A much better designed wheel system than the "Mobile Storage", as nice as the Festool Sys-Roll for the price. Plus it folds down. Also to note some boxes/combinations can only be purchased at certain places. HD has their boxes and Acme has some boxes not available at HD, vice versa. Most DeWalt suppliers(lumberyards) can order any of them I've found.
  4. I was given a Craftsman 10” band saw recently. It’s pretty old but not in terrible shape. The blade continually slides off the bottom wheel. There are 3 wheels in total. Doesn’t matter how much I adjust the tension. The blade guides seem to be right where they should. I don’t know what else to do. Maybe time to replace the tires? Like I said it’s old. Wheels don’t seem to be wobbling but the blade continually slides off that bottom wheel.
  5. A trip through the archives of Tools in Action and ToolGuyd displays how far the cordless tool market has come in the past decade or so. Early articles on each site capture the look of the 2008-2011 tool market, and there are many gems that cover the tools available back then--established brands, new products, and optimistic predictions of what the future would look like. Well, it's the future, and I'd venture to say that few of us expected the cordless job site to look like it does now back in the dark days of 2009. The tools have gotten smaller, smarter and become brushless, and a number of brands have cut the cord on tools that necessitated a generator or other power source just a few years ago. Not everything has changed, though, as Ryobi One+ was already over a decade old and the M12 and M18 lines were getting off to a decent start. DeWalt, on the other hand wouldn't release 12v Max tools until 2010, with 20v Max coming about a year later. Anyway, the point of this thread is to examine exactly how the cordless tool market has changed since 2008. If you have the time, share a few articles from way back when along with anything you want to add.
  6. I have an older 3/8 drill i am thinking of making a mini drill press with so when you are using very small bits they dont break and it would be kind of cool. Do you guys have any ideas how i can go about doing this i am thinking of wiring the switch so i can pull the trigger to go speed i know they sold little things like this but i want to try to make some thanks for checking this post out have a good one
  7. Not Really an article, but here's a 1931 Craftsman Power Tool Catalog for your enjoyment. The Craftsman name itself was first used by Sears in 1927 and the first power tools were offered in 1929 making this the 3rd Power Tool production year. craftsman1931.pdf
  8. Is craftsman the best hand to Brand? I am thinking about buying all new hand tools and some people are telling me to buy craftsman only because they are American made but they are not the best. Others are telling me they are the best. Please help me buy telling me what hand tools are better than others. Thank you in advance.
  9. I recently acquired a direct-drive Craftsman 315.218050 table saw which works, but the motor shaft assembly rattles loudly when it spins down. My guess is that a shaft bearing is going out, and I want to replace it before it does more damage. I found that I can get an arbor shaft assembly for a reasonable price, but I don't know just how to install it. I have separated the motor from the cast (aluminum?) gearbox but don't know how to open it up to get to the shaft assembly inside. Here are two photos: As you can see from my photos, there is a retaining ring holding the shaft in place. It has a set of bump-outs on both "ends." I'm guessing that's there to allow a tool to unscrew it. But I tried to turn this piece counterclockwise several times and it's not moving in or out, as it would if the housing were threaded. Anybody have an idea how to get this open? Many thanks!
  10. Here is the 1933 Craftsman Power Tool Catalog. This is the 5th production year for Craftsman Power Tools 1933 Craftsman Power Tools.pdf
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