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Found 2 results

  1. Hi TIA Crew, I'm a long time tools in action social media subscriber but I'm new to the forums. Little bit about myself: I'm a custom millwork & metal fab engineer for a small company in MA that designs, builds, and installs high end projects. I've completed tons of projects for: baseball, hockey, and football stadiums...Airport restaurants and kiosks...College dining halls and servery's....Hotels and Restaurants. (Ex: Fenway Park, TD Garden, Comerica Park, Reagan National Airport, New Orleans Int Airport, Columbia University, Harvard University and many more). I may be the engineer but I also love to use my hands, when I'm not using CAD I have a impact driver or Mig Welder in my hand. If you want it done right you gotta do it yourself . Also a car-guy --- I have a 72' Plymouth Roadrunner 340 4bbl. Let me know what your tearing the streets up with. Anyways, psyched to jump aboard the forum! -Tyler
  2. Hi everyone! I am an Industrial Design student with a background in the construction industry. For my final project I am considering the future of tools. My goal is to make high-quality tools more accessible to everyone; both professional and amateur. It would be a huge help for me if you could spare 5 minutes of your time and answer the following questions. Any participation is appreciated, feel free to skip questions, and thank you in advance! Which trade do you specialize in? Do you invest in higher quality tools that will last longer? Which tool brand do you use most frequently? Can you think of tools that you would like to own, but can’t justify spending the money on? If that tool(s) were available for rental, would you rent it? Have you rented tools before? If so, which tools do you rent most often? Would you rather rent from an organization, or an individual? Of the tools you rent, which is the most difficult to transport / maneuver? Do you ever rent your own tools for extra cash? If no, would you? Why or why not. Can you think of any specific tool that is in need of an upgrade? Can you think of any obvious change that could be made to a tool to make it more suitable for renting? Would you rather have 1 tool that does 3 jobs ‘okay’, or 3 tools that do each job very well. Is space-saving an issue when storing your equipment or working on a jobsite?
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