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  1. Hello! I am looking into buying the DCS573NT-XJ. But I'm not sure if it's necessary for me as a home user, to get the flexvolt battery. I currently have some 18v 5ah batteries for my DeWalt impact wrench, so would I be able to use those? Is the 77% power gain really noticeable and will it make a big difference for me, who isn't a proffesional. Thanks in advance!
  2. So apparently a lot of people don’t know about the sharp pog.it sharpens oscillator blades! I’ve had mine over two years and it’s a super nice tool to have! Link ⬇️ Check it out I know blades are cheap online but you never know when you’re down to your last one. This particular blade has lasted me about 6 months 😂 order off amazon
  3. I have recently bought a brand new DCF899 impact wrench but upon taking it out of the box it seems very loose inside the tool like there's a lot of movement when moved forward and backwards. There's not as much movement when I hold the square drive. Obviously it moves when in operation but to me it doesn't feel right.
  4. I'm invested in both 40V and 60V platforms. Is there a difference between the two battery chainsaws? I know they operate at different voltages (duh), but voltage doesn't equate to power; watts do. Are there subtle differences between the two units that are not advertised? https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/40v-max-xr-16-cordless-chainsaw-bare/dccs690b https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/flexvolt-60v-max-cordless-chainsaw-tool-only/dccs670b
  5. I have a DEWALT Portable Hand Planer (D26676) and I can't seem to find a dust collection bag that fits the this tool. It's not just a regular circle so I can't just use some adapter that would fit it. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  6. Hello everyone. First time poster here. I sought out this forum in hopes someone could shed some light on this mystery. I bought this tool at an estate sale several years back. The relative couldn't give me any info on it. At first glance, it is a very heavy, well built ratcheting nut/screw driver. But it has a hardened pin that nests in the handle. The pin can be pulled out without much effort and there is another hole in the side of the handle that the pin fits. The hardened pin has obvious hammer strikes on the head and what looks to me like concrete dust on the tip. I can see a use for the pin and I can see a use for the driver. I don't see the purpose of the marriage of the two. Who would need a tool like this and how would they use it? I tried to insert images but it wouldn't let me. The link to the pictures is: https://postimg.cc/gallery/pXWwSy3 Thanks!
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DEWALT-20V-MAX-6-1-2-inch-Circular-Saw-Laser-Level-Cut-Line-Marker-Attachment-/144156386953?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  8. What ideas for new tools and accessories do you wish dewalt would come out with in 2020. Share your Thoughts and Possibly Dewalt will see this thread and take our ideas into reality. I will start Flexvolt Tool Connect (For Dust extraction) batteries Flexvolt Tool Connect Miter and Table Saws. Basically an Updated Flexvolt Miter and Table saw to include built in Tool Connect to communicate with the 60v dust extractor. Also Tool Connect batteries so you could use your existing miter and table saws/ other tools to connect to the 60v dust extraction and have automatic on/off when the battery is drawing power.
  9. Hey, I’m interested to buy the Dewalt DCB203 battery for my purpose, but I couldn’t find any design guide or drawings for the same. As a designer, I need these dimensions, atleast the CAD model of the battery so that I could design my robot, and the mount for this battery accordingly. I have tried searching everywhere, yet I couldn’t find any sort of drawings, or schematic for the battery. This is the link for the battery from official dewalt website: https://www.dewalt.com/products/accessories/batteries-and-chargers/batteries/20v-max-compact-lithium-ion-battery-pack/dcb203 please help me with the same. If anyone could find the drawings, or cad model from a trusted source, please let me know. thanks in advance.
  10. What is the best tool platform. Debatable but manufactures have there strengths and unfortunatlly have there weaknesses I perfer Makita, Dewalt etc what do you perfer and what are your opinions.
  11. Hi Folks, I just picked up a Dewalt drill/driver combo (DCK283D2, 20v brushless). After alot of research, I found that every one of the big names (Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc) have fan boys and haters. So, I went with what I see alot of the guys that do work for me use. I put the battery in the charger (for the first time) and the charger charged and then said it is full (solid red light). When I check the power level on the battery, only 2 of the 3 green LEDs light up. The book says this is a charge equal to 50-70% charge level. I called DeWalt and they eventually called back. The guy said that it should charge to 100% and to go get another unit from the retailer. I did and this one has the same thing. I doubt that I would end up with two units that are malfunctioning in the same way. Has anyone experienced this? This can't be normal. But, I can't be sure. This is my first "big boy" tool. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if the "thrust bearing," the dime-size circular ball bearing ring in the pivot recess, is supposed to be lubricated? I can see factory lube on the O-ring that surrounds this area, but I can't tell if the ball bearing ring should be greased or not. Mine was all choked with sawdust, so I blew it out with compressed air and would like to know before I put it all back together whether or not the factory wants that to be lubed. Thanks.
  13. Well, I invested in the ToughSystem 2.0 stack from Home Depot, along with a couple of half-width organizers. It seems well-thought out, trying to maintain backwards compatibility with the older ToughSystem while addressing some of the shortcomings 1.0 had when compared to Packout. I'll be using the heck out of this in the coming months and hope it impresses. Since I'm good on modular storage, I'm gifting some of my older ToughSystem components forward to a good friend. He's been struggling to find employment so he's been doing a lot of handyman work. He also has a house to renovate while he's living there, and I promised him one of my spare ToughSystem Music+Chargers a few years ago. Rather than giving him the radio by itself, I figure I'll outfit a ToughSystem stack with some hardware, tools, and a couple of batteries for the radio. Anyway, now's the time if you want to invest in some modular tool storage. Ridgid, ToughSystem, and Packout are all at the lowest prices you'll probably find them, and I would recommend any of the three if they fit your needs.
  14. Hello, I am new to this forum. My husband bought a Dewalt 24000 tile saw. It was supposed to work, but of course.. it doesn't. I bought new brushes, and that didn't fix it. So I bought a new armature and it still doesn't work. The water pump does work when the switch is turned on, but the saw - no go. Now, of course I may have installed something incorrectly, or there may be something else wrong with it. I have googled how to fix.. and lots of stuff for a miter saw, but not so much on the tile saw. Any thoughts???
  15. After being in the trades, mostly carpentry and rental properties, I finally decided on Tstak as my choice of toolbox system. I have grown into a mostly interior trim carpenter and love these boxes. I have used all the brands and I was using a combination of the Milwaukee organizers and the 26" Jobsite box. At the same time I was using the Ridgid pro boxes for my bigger routers/planer etc. I was waiting for what ended up being Packout from Milwaukee, but the price is too high. And I thought the Ridgid system was too heavy.... I put a cap on my truck and now I no longer have the need for watertight boxes. I've worked at companies who use Festool tools, and I like the Systainer but the price is too much for an empty box, for me. And the whole idea of modular tool boxes is that everything goes into one. Maybe one day I'll put Festool tools and put in Tstask, lol. Another company I worked for was using the Tough System and I like it a lot also, but it's also a little heavy. They were not using it to it's fullest with carts/wall/van brackets etc. They were new to the modular tool box. If I go to a van I might switch to Tough System just for the wall/van brackets. Over time I will add some photos of actual tools in the boxes and the setup. First round, was the Craftfsman set I got locally, still had to drive an hour to touch some Tstaks in hand. Checked that most tools will fit with accessories etc, combo certain tools together. Now the Craftsman "Mobile Storage" bottom box with wheels is bigger than the standard big Tstak and will fit Sawzalls and longer bigger items. The wheels and extending arm look like the weak point, wheels will pickup sand/mud/snow on the inside. Second round, I ordered one of the Home Depot sets with nice upright trolley and drawer/big boxes. A much better designed wheel system than the "Mobile Storage", as nice as the Festool Sys-Roll for the price. Plus it folds down. Also to note some boxes/combinations can only be purchased at certain places. HD has their boxes and Acme has some boxes not available at HD, vice versa. Most DeWalt suppliers(lumberyards) can order any of them I've found.
  16. Hi Dewalt people, Does anyone know what the -XJ means at the end of a Dewalt model number? For example on Amazon UK the DCS331N Jigsaw is £30 cheaper than the DCS331N-XJ. Its driving me nuts trying to find out. Cheers.
  17. Hi, new inquirer here. I need to get a 1/2" impact wrench for the main purpose of removing and reinstalling the blades on my John Deere 48" mower deck. I'm 70 now and doing it with a 1/2 socket wrench and a torque wrench is pretty much out of the question now. So, I have a recommendation from my repair guy. He uses the DeWalt 20V 1/2 impact wrench. However, I'm a little inundated with so many DeWalt models and most of them look different from each other and have different prices, even though they say they are 1/2" and 20V. I know some have a brushless motor, and I like the sounds of that, but some are not. All I am going to purchase is the tool, a battery and the battery charger. I don't even think I need an extra battery. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I, can bring some of this chaos into useful order. Thanks for your indulgence.
  18. Hi Guys, hoping someone might be able to answer my problem as I can't find anyone who knows what's up! I'm having a problem with my DeWalt Circular Saw DWE576, I purchased recently with two rail guides. The edge of the splinter guard never seems to align up to the blade of the saw. So when it comes to placing the rail guide onto the mark, it never cuts on the line, always a few mm off? I followed the instructions, set the blade depth, adjusted the cams and slowly cut the rubber strip fully on a sacrificial piece of wood, but time after time when I use my rail I notice the rubber strip seems to get thinner and thinner. Now when I set my rubber strip to the mark and expect a clean cut to the line (as you should right?) It's actually 2mm out, which just defeats the quick and easy point of having a rail guide. I always start cutting into the wood when both cams are on the rail so there's no chance of side to side movement, and I let the blade finish before I take it off the rail in case of any kickback or unwanted accidental cuts. I bought a new rubber strip to replace the old one hoping it wouldn't happen again but it did! Don't want to buy a 3rd and it happen again 😅 can anyone give me any advice please? Thanks!
  19. Hi I’m just wondering if anybody else is having a problem with the dewalt flexvolt 12” mitre saw? The problem I have come across is when the power adapter is used with a dust extractor. When the vacuum is switched to tool mode it starts straight away and will not turn off, the saw still works but to stop the vacuum you have to turn it off manually (will not shut off as supposed to). The vacuum is fine it works with all other corded tools. Any information will be appreciated. Cheers Michael
  20. Well, well, well...DeWalt just shipped a new Jobsite Table saw and I was wondering what you all think of it? I am providing a link to an article that talks about it, but was curious to hear if this was the feature set and size customers were looking for. Seems like 8-1/4" is becoming more popular, but is it really preferred over the 10" blade? https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-jobsite-table-saw-dwe7485-022020/ Couple things stand out to me on this new model...I like the steel miter gauge, seems like many of the competitors are shipping these sized models with cheap plastic ones, so that seems like an upgrade. The table seems a bit unusual in that they have four extensions in each corner but the top of them are tapered, rather than tapering the bottom so the top would remain level. As it is a table saw more area of usable table would seem like the best plan, the decision to taper the top of them just seems unusual to me what say you all. From the picture it appears the vacuum attachment is on the blade guard, I wonder if there is a second one underneath? It has what looks to be a new style On/Off switch as well.
  21. Hell every one, thanks To all of you for continuing to share your experiences and knowledge. For some time now I’ve been using the dewalt circular saws, I’d say I’ve owned 7-8 of them. I currently own 4, two flex and 2 20v. The reason I’ve had to keep buying them is the bed plate is always working it’s way out of square to the blade. I’m framing with them and I usually have at least one other guy with me sharing my tools. I try to be gentle, but they never seem to last longer than 6 months with a true bed plate... ive had 20 year old makita saws that have been beat up huge, but this has never been a noticeable issue with those saws. To my questions! does everyone else have these issues and does anyone have a relatively easy fix or suggestion for this issue? ive asked people and searched online far and wide but no one seems to be talking about this issue. The service guys at dewalt don’t think it’s a big issue. Sometimes they will fix it under warranty if I have the receipt of within a year by replacing the whole base, bevel and all. The guaranteed repair is $140, And a tool only saw last time was $150. looking forward to you feed back
  22. A trip through the archives of Tools in Action and ToolGuyd displays how far the cordless tool market has come in the past decade or so. Early articles on each site capture the look of the 2008-2011 tool market, and there are many gems that cover the tools available back then--established brands, new products, and optimistic predictions of what the future would look like. Well, it's the future, and I'd venture to say that few of us expected the cordless job site to look like it does now back in the dark days of 2009. The tools have gotten smaller, smarter and become brushless, and a number of brands have cut the cord on tools that necessitated a generator or other power source just a few years ago. Not everything has changed, though, as Ryobi One+ was already over a decade old and the M12 and M18 lines were getting off to a decent start. DeWalt, on the other hand wouldn't release 12v Max tools until 2010, with 20v Max coming about a year later. Anyway, the point of this thread is to examine exactly how the cordless tool market has changed since 2008. If you have the time, share a few articles from way back when along with anything you want to add.
  23. I buy stuff and then never get around to using it. I need to get rid of some of this stuff to make room and funds for something new. All items include USPS shipping from Queenstown, MD. Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 -sold Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 - Sold pending funds Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane w/ PM-V11 blade - $190 - Sold Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane w PM-V11 blade - $225 - Sold 4x Bessey BPC-H12 1/2" Pipe Clamps - $60 for the set. If someone wants everything I'll do $675 shipped USPS. None of these items have been used. With the exception of the grinders everything is in its original box. The grinders will each ship with all accessories except the Dewalt bags. Photos Below Please note that the shoulder plane has some black marks on one side, I believe this is from when they did the center fill area. I did not notice it when I bought it, but also did not remove the plane from the box when it arrived or I would have requested a replacement. I'm sure those more knowledgeable than I know of a way to remove it, but I didn't want to risk damaging it just to clean it up to sell. It is also possible that it is ink from the manual.
  24. Something is wrong with the electric motor of a Dewalt DW744 portable table saw that I inherited. Smoking, and not working. Is it worth it to fix it, or too expensive? Should I even bother to take it to an electric motor repair shop? Thanks.
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