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  1. noodeel

    DHP 482...

    I bought a 10.8v Makita Driver last week and while its been great (& compact) for light work... It has since proven inadequate. I'm going to mount a bike rack to a concrete column & some tensile cables to hang curtains (don't judge me...) into concrete & the 10.8v is not up to the job. The sales guy informs me that a 12v with hammer action in the same size will be in tomorrow, but TBH, I'm better off with an 18v. Most of my needs are around assembling furniture and mounting stuff to walls, but I need one drill that can do everything... What's the consensus on the Makita DHP482? It's not brushless & I believe it only comes with one battery (3ah), but I'm an occasional user, so not putting it under much pressure. Don't focus on the price... The market is limited where I live, so we don't have much options. Also, I have to buy from Ace, because I need to return the last drill. It does come with a decent set of bits... I suppose the other option is DeWalt. https://www.aceuae.com/en/ace-uae/makita-dhp482-hammer-drill-driver--75-drill-bits-969480#pdp_box_img_1[pp_gal]/0/
  2. I am thinking of buying a drill online, but got confused between the brushless and brush drill, can you suggest which one is better and why, and which one is more reliable for long life. I don't want to buy anything crap and waste my money.
  3. Hello, I recently got this equipment for repair. But sadly no info attached, no brand, no model, none. Just some engravings on it but couldn't find anything about it. Anyone have or had one like in the pictures attached? I really appreciate some help.
  4. hello guys, I am deciding which cordless screwdriver to buy. I know Dewalt and other brands are good, but...little expensive. I saw this HYCHIKA cordless screwdriver quite cheap, and with good review. Did anyone ever use this brand? Please help me to decide whether I should save the 20 bucks?
  5. Hello, so i recently bought a cordless makita combo kit ( impact driver and drill driver) and while i was using the drill driver at work i noticed something odd, when tightening drill bits the chuck seems to click after it has been tightened? Is this normal or is there something wrong? Sometimes it would click/spin quarter turn multiple times after being fully tightened. There has been times were the drill bits have fallen out(chuck loosened by its self) Would appreciate any help
  6. This is New today... My drill no others do this. The 18v batters has a little play front to back, but what is bothering me is the play side to side I can move it side to side about 1/8".... Anyone else have this issue? Normal? Note: added short video in post below.
  7. When i come to use it ive got 3 flashing lights and nothing going round. When i put it in the charger the charger green light doesn't come on , but the drill works (2 battery charging status lights) Where is the problem - drill , charger or battery ?
  8. Hi all, my little 3/8" ET1200 drill has missing teeth in the two-stage gear that drives the chuck. It appears the part no. is 448069-09SV, but all suppliers list the part as obsolete, out-of-stock. Does anyone know where I can find this gear? Thank you.
  9. I have the DF030D, and I really like it....but, I seem to keep stripping something (the clutch?).Everything was going fine, and suddenly the drill had no torque, and just kept ratcheting under resistance. Is this a known problem with this model? Did I do something wrong to cause it to breakdown? any help would be appreciated. Thks
  10. Hi everyone, I've been entertaining the idea of making a wall to battery adapter for cordless tools for a while now. The idea is that an adapter can plug into the tool and then connect to the wall outlet to replace a dead battery (until the battery is recharged). I finally got around to it and have built a few of these for Ryobi and Dewalt tool systems. Right now, all the electronics are in a hollowed out battery case, so the adapter can fit normally into a drill/jigsaw/circular saw etc (no external power brick). They work really well, they seem to have the same power as normal battery operation (maybe a little more?). This got me thinking, that I could start selling these (~$40-$50) if there is interest out there, so any feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Aaron
  11. Just wanted to get some opinions on which way to go between the 12v brushless Fuel impact/hammer drill combo kit by Milwaukee and Makita's 18v brushless sub-compact drill/impact combo. Milwaukee has a sale at my Home Depot where the 12v Fuel is $169, while Makita's sub-compact kit comes with a free third battery for $229. I already have Milwaukee's surge/hammer drill 18v combo and a Fuel circ. saw, as well as Hitachi's Triple Hammer, so I'm not looking to expand much (if at all) in either the Milwaukee 12v or the Makita 18v (knock on wood). They both feel great ergonomically, and appear to have similar specs. I know Milwaukee's 12v Fuel has been out for 3-4 years, but they told me they don't have any plans to come out with newer versions of their Fuel fasteners. Both of these deals are limited time, so I'd greatly appreciate honest opinions. Thank you!
  12. Hi All.....I have an old B&D reversable drill ( model 7127 ) and I'd like to repurpose the parts for a mini lathe. I can 't seem to get the chuck out. Got the screw out for can't figure out if its threaded, tapered or what. There seems to be no way to stop the chuck fron spinning so whacking it with a hammer doesn't seem to work. The tiny bit of spindle that come out the rear of the drill is not enough to really get a good grip on it. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. My Hitachi DV18DL which has been a faithful friend over many years is no more. Whilst making a Homemade BBQ... she bit the dust.
  14. I know the first post is going to be buy a drywall gun or using a drywall gun is better but this is for the people they don't have one or aren't going to need one in the future. What do you guys recommend and what do you use? at Home Depot all they sell is a Dewalt 4 pack of drywall little knobs for a drill, their poor quality and they're all crooked they suck. I am using a Milwaukee M18 Fuel drill. These are the ones I am taking about: Tonight I picked this one up, it looks like it might be a little bit better but I'm not sure if it's going to do the correct screw depth into the drywall. Has anybody used it for drywall? What I really need is one that I can adjust the height and then lock.
  15. Hey guys not sure if this is a big deal or not but I've been noticing over the past few months that my fuel drill is starting to wobble almost like an impact driver does. it was perfect when I first got it but seems to be getting worse. It's not just with this longer extension it's with drill bits, my hole saws, even small or short bits too... I originally thought then a few things were bent but they are not. Everything on the drill seems tight, is this normal for an eight month old drill that's used around the house for DIY? I have attached two videos below, let me know if anyone needs to see anything else. https://youtu.be/wRZ5Bp-vENM https://youtu.be/75b0YpFFyM4
  16. Hey guy, It's finally up! I actually think it's pretty darn good (probably 25+ hours of editing), so check it out! Thanks
  17. I thought this would be a good thread to start & will help a lot of people out when at the store. Post info, links, & pictures of your top three favorite driver bit/drill bit "kits". Then post 2-3 of your favorite bits, attachments, extensions, etc that do not come in the kits you use.
  18. I'm planing on buying a drill, impact driver set, not sure what to get.also not sure if i want a full sized set or a compact set. The main thing is the price...I would like it to be under $150(or cheaper). For $100 on amazon there is the hitachi compact 12v set, and at menards the bosch 18v set is on sale for $140. Any suggestions?
  19. I need your help guys help/thoughts. I am working on my workshop right now installing electrical and a bunch of other things. I need a 90° adapter for my Milwaukee drill & driver (fuel). It seems like there's two good ones out there...? The Dewalt or Milwaukee... which one to get? The Milwaukee one is metal & the Dewalt one is plastic, but I've heard a lot of good things about the Dewalt one in the past. what do you think I should get and why?? I need to get tomorrow or next day.
  20. I was wondering if there is any way to see what "version" of a tool you have based on the serial #. I have a M18 fuel drill/driver combo kit (the 2897-22) and purchased it about 2 months ago now. I think this kit has been out for over a year now. I was reading on another forum they have made new versions/variations since my kit was first released. for example i was told the newer ones have all the electronics inside sealed in silicone. ...are the drill & driver exactly the same inside. if you were to get it today vs if you got it the day it was released? or are there dif versions/builds out there even thou the model # is the same.
  21. I picked up a M18 fuel driver/drill combo and took off the belt clip and extra bit holder. These will fit all M18 drivers and drills. Brand New and never used. If you do not have a Fuel set, you drill did not come with the belt clip and neither your driver or drill came with the bit holder! -- Looking for $8 each. Belt Clip + Screw: Bit Holder:
  22. I have the Milwaukee 2691-22 kit here is a link to info: https://tinyurl.com/han4ne2 I saw a empty case online for $25 for a 2897-22 M18 fuel case. Here is the info to the fuel kit, this is the case: https://tinyurl.com/hbf3wpm My question is does anyone know if my stuff will fit in this case? Mine came with a soft bag for the case and it sucks. Please help me if you know or have the case at home to try. Attached are pics of the case i want to get for my tools...
  23. Hi there ! I had an issue with my Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2604 From time to time it's not in operation. When you plug battery it works as it shoul - but if you leave it for a while - this is completely dead. Rotate chuch or move switches, shake tool will not help. One moment - when it hot tool will likely work longer with no issues. But when it's cold it will have highter chances to stop working. Only one solution to back his to work - to switch battery. I tried with different battaries - same issue. Cleaned all relevant contacts outside and inside with toothbrush. Use spirit to clean all I can touch with no luck. Anywone had same issue or idea how to fix?
  24. Recently I purchased a drill powered Tablesaw (Hitachi branded). But it seems very specific to what model drill I can actually use to power it. I've tried several old drills I have and have had no luck (either the collar was too small and the drill wouldn't stay put or the bit that attaches after taking off the chuck wouldn't fit because the shank was too small or the thread not fine enough). I was hoping someone out there could tell me what drill I need to get this thing up and running or had any ideas on what else I could do to get it running? Thanks to all in advance!
  25. Anyone looking for a compact drill to use in really, really tight spots? https://www.facebook.com/thetoolnutstore/posts/1117828238261376 When I first saw this, I thought of Dan and his 3D printing.
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