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Found 4 results

  1. I have a DEWALT Portable Hand Planer (D26676) and I can't seem to find a dust collection bag that fits the this tool. It's not just a regular circle so I can't just use some adapter that would fit it. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  2. So for those of you who dont already know the Milwaukee tools that we buy in the USA are different then most of the rest of the world. When i say different i personally think ours are lacking in features. For example our fuel cases are red in the USA. Elsewhere they are black and much different. Our hand tools are red and theirs are red and black. This thread is about the Fuel circular saws. Below are pictures of our saws vs theirs, they have the ability to connect a hose and from the videos i have seen have almost zero dust (great for cutting indoors or just not having to clean up). There is Very Little info on any of this online, basically Zero info (this will be the first thread online with comparison pictures & info out there). I will be converting my new Milwaukee Fuel M18 circular saw (2730-20) into a CCS55 (this is what they call theirs). After a TON of searching, emails, phone calls, & becoming friends with a friends friend who lives in the UK who visits me each year... I have found a repair facility who will be sending me all the parts i need. I found out its more than just popping the other side on mine. It looks like it is going to cost be about $40 to do everything (not bad for the ability to use the saw normally or have the ability for dust collection). I know this is not for everyone, but for those of you interested, I hope this helps. Here is a side by side of the 2 saws (I will be converting mine from the one on left to right): Here is a side by side of the 2 kits (United States vs everyone else): This is the main difference a lot of people have been talking about, the better cases they have: Here are a few pics of their cases (refereed to as Dyna cases): ------------- Below are some of the pages I was told are ok to share from the scanned document: I will update this thread as i get more info and all the info & parts needed...
  3. Here is the finished product of my overarm dust collection attachment for my Ridgid R4512. Everything below will let you know how and why I did what I did. I finished connecting all of my tools to my new dust collection system recently. Now I am just tweeking some connections to optimize my dust collection abilities. I've wanted an overarm dust collection system after the first time I was it on the SawStop cabinet saw. You might not think so, but with a zero clearance insert plate on my tablesaw, I end up with a good amount of dust coming off the top of the blade....especially if I am cutting thicker stock. Last week, I collected a lot of images off of the internet with what other people have done. In case you were wondering, there isn't a lot of different units out there. I have the Ridgid R4512 tablesaw and this unit has one really useful feature that a lot of different saws don't have that makes add-ons to this unit simple. the back railing that the fence rides on is made from two pieces. In order to connect those pieces, there is a small bar that sits in a tee track and connects the two pieces. Since this bar only takes up about 6 inches (if I remember correctly) there is plenty of space to add an outfeed table and this overarm unit. I just used some toilet flange bolts to connect this unit to the saw through the T track. I had some of the unit welded up by a friend, but I didn't have all of the measurements, so I had to bolt some wooden braces to the unit. This is temporary, so I will fix this soon. I made the dust collection shoe so that it can be lifted up and down from the saw blade. I still need to add some 2" bristles to this unit so I can slide the stuck under it and not affect the dust collection ability. I attached to springs to the back of the arms to assist in the lifting of the shoe. It really makes it nice for lifting and holding the unit in place. I have the ability to move the shoe close to the blade either way to fit what I am cutting by adding some threads to the square tube I added to my smaller square tubing. You may have noticed the bungie cord attached to the top of the horizontal arm. It was added since the long section of the arm has all of the weight and bounces a pretty good amount. I have more permanent fix for this problem that I am going to have taken care of before the end of this week, so I will share pictures then. I still need to add the 2.5" hose to the shoe as well as the saw stache. I just wanted to see if this was possible before I ordered the parts......so follow up pictures to come.
  4. Hey guys, I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased a new 2HP Jet Cyclone dust collector from Amazon last week. It is supposed to be delivered this Friday. WOO HOO! I've been saving for about a year to get this unit. I even saved a little more so that I could buy the duct work, clamps, blast gates, grounding wire and other miscellaneous items I will need to hook it up. I will do my best to document the assembly of the unit and installation of my duct work. I have some time off right around Thanks Giving, so until then, it will be slow going.
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