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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I can't decide what to get... at first I was set on getting the 10 inch Milwaukee fuel imported( I'm in Europe, Ireland) As I firmly believe that cordless is the way to go. But have since started to change my mind based on 2 reasons 1. Dust collection is a huge factor for me as my current older DeWalt saws dust collection is shite! Therefore I'll be plugging the extractor in anyways. 2. I have no other m18 tools and I'm just not sure how accurate/stay accurate the saw will be when compared to the two I mention below. I'm a cabinet maker by trade so it's for clean accurate work is mostly what this saw will see. The capacity is for when cutting cornice/moulding or with the max width that I can cut an 18mm gable at. The two other options are the 120 Kapex or the 12 inch Bosch axial glide saw. Without any stand, this is approx what each would cost me. Kapex- 940 euro Bosch- 780 euro Milwaukee- 1100 euro APPROX import charges n shipping are a big factor Bosch Pros. Once set up should stay accurate with minimal flexing due to its design. Largest capacity Great for against a wall/someone's hallway Cheapest option Cons. Heavy/bulky for carrying around The potential for blade wobble since its 12inch(has anyone noticed this????) Kapex Pros. Presume its the best dust collection Easy mitre/bevel adjustments Lighter easier carry around Cons. Not as much cut capacity. Expensive for what it is I think? Milwaukee Pros Cordless-huge advantage at times but not sure how much I'll benefit from it. Light easy transport Compact Cons Price Hassel of importing Accuracy? Any help, info, reviews, pointers, personal experience or do's/don'ts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Jack.
  2. I figured this would be a good idea. Example - STF D125/8 P40 GR/10 STF - I'm unsure maybe the way the paper attaches to the sander? in this case StickFix? D - This indicates diameter 125 - Indicates diameter of the sanding pad in millimeters 8 - the number of vacuum holes on the sanding pad P - I'm unsure I seen different letters here. Thoughts? 40 - indicates the grit number GR - indicates the type of sandpaper in this case GR for Granat 10 - indicates the number of sheets in the set. Festool has many types of sandpaper here are most of them. Granat - Versatile, general purpose abrasive for use on wood & finished surfaces. Rubin 2 - Finish Faster - Rubin 2 is designed to quickly shed wood fibers, eliminating clogging so the abrasive stays sharp, leading to a 30% faster removal rate. Save Money - Since Rubin 2 is designed to prevent clogging due to the buildup of pitch and wood fibers, you’ll get up to 30% longer life out of every sheet. Your Best Finish - Designed for rapid grit progression, you’ll spend less time getting from 80 to 220, achieving the best possible finished surface in the least amount of time. Brilliant 2 - paint, fillers, primers and finishes like lacquers and varnishes; its antistatic coating is compatible with water-based products. Platin 2 - A foam-backed, silicone carbide based abrasive with a stearate coating specially developed for high-gloss finishes on closed surface materials. Ideal abrasive for super-fine finish on fillers, finish coats, solid surface, fiberglass and plastics. Saphir - Durable aluminum oxide abrasive incorporates a tear-resistant fabric backing for longer life in extreme applications. Ideal abrasive for heavy duty sanding of wood, paint, plastics, fiberglass, composites, concrete and steel. Vlies - excellent for deep pore cleaning on natural woods, veneers and is great for use on contours. Perfect for cleaning and de-rusting metal. Diamant - High-performance abrasive for finishing very hard surfaces Matting and refining hard surfaces such as scratch-proof clear coats and composite and solid surface Light sanding of panel-type materials coated in melamine resin for preparation of paint application Titan 2 - excellent for automotive finishes: paints, fillers, primers and lacquers and preferred for all oil-based paints and finishes.
  3. We're taking an exclusive look at the Festool Kapex KS 60 sliding compound mitre on our YouTube channel this evening at 9pm GMT. We'd love you to join us or take a look after and let us know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/user/skillbuilderchannel
  4. Here is a link to a video showing the DSC AG 125 in use with the dust extraction hood connected to the CT MINI Vacuum. This attaches to the FS Guide Rails as well. Is great for cutting tiles and FC sheets. As far as I am aware it accepts any 125mm blades, far cheaper than the 165mm/185mm circular saw blades! The dust extraction is excellent! Just thought id share!
  5. Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I would just like some insight from people who have or know about drills. I'm looking into something for basic around the house maintenance. I'm not gonna be doing anything major just simple things like driving. I'm looking into something like the Festool CXS and maybe a Metabo but I'd like to hear what people that actually have these tools think of them. All suggestions are welcomed and I hope to talk to you all soon (if there is a certain thread I should look at or if this was talked about already, the redirection is welcomed)
  6. https://www.festool.com/Products/Pages/Product-Detail.aspx?pid=767995
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