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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! I am looking into buying the DCS573NT-XJ. But I'm not sure if it's necessary for me as a home user, to get the flexvolt battery. I currently have some 18v 5ah batteries for my DeWalt impact wrench, so would I be able to use those? Is the 77% power gain really noticeable and will it make a big difference for me, who isn't a proffesional. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm invested in both 40V and 60V platforms. Is there a difference between the two battery chainsaws? I know they operate at different voltages (duh), but voltage doesn't equate to power; watts do. Are there subtle differences between the two units that are not advertised? https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/40v-max-xr-16-cordless-chainsaw-bare/dccs690b https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/flexvolt-60v-max-cordless-chainsaw-tool-only/dccs670b
  3. Hi I’m just wondering if anybody else is having a problem with the dewalt flexvolt 12” mitre saw? The problem I have come across is when the power adapter is used with a dust extractor. When the vacuum is switched to tool mode it starts straight away and will not turn off, the saw still works but to stop the vacuum you have to turn it off manually (will not shut off as supposed to). The vacuum is fine it works with all other corded tools. Any information will be appreciated. Cheers Michael
  4. I buy stuff and then never get around to using it. I need to get rid of some of this stuff to make room and funds for something new. All items include USPS shipping from Queenstown, MD. Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 -sold Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 - Sold pending funds Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane w/ PM-V11 blade - $190 - Sold Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane w PM-V11 blade - $225 - Sold 4x Bessey BPC-H12 1/2" Pipe Clamps - $60 for the set. If someone wants everything I'll do $675 shipped USPS. None of these items have been used. With the exception of the grinders everything is in its original box. The grinders will each ship with all accessories except the Dewalt bags. Photos Below Please note that the shoulder plane has some black marks on one side, I believe this is from when they did the center fill area. I did not notice it when I bought it, but also did not remove the plane from the box when it arrived or I would have requested a replacement. I'm sure those more knowledgeable than I know of a way to remove it, but I didn't want to risk damaging it just to clean it up to sell. It is also possible that it is ink from the manual.
  5. I am a newbie in the whole tool/construction thing, while i have worked for others briefly in construction i am by no means an expert, but i am mechanically inclined which is, well enough to figure out stuff. I recently finished replacing a 20 ft section of my yard fence. Used a circular saw to do all the cutting needed, the saw wasn't mine, and now that it's gone i kind of feel i need one. Money is not an issue this time, i am starting to conduct a little bit of a professional handyman practice which led me to look at two saws, because it's going to be a main first saw, i need it to be cordless. I am already invested on DeWalt's platform so. Dewalt Flexvolt Circular Saw. Dewalt Flexvolt Table Saw. The Circular saw is hands down the most portable, but i don't find the flexvolt table saw terrible to move and well, easier to operate, so money not being a restriction, is there ANYTHING one can do that the other can't and viceversa? Am i crazy for considering a table saw as my first main saw, even saw if i decide to take it to a fence construction project? Thank you!
  6. Hi, having recently bought a 54V flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer drill with 9.0ah batteries, have they bought out a onboard dust management system to go with it? I see the 1" 20V max rotary hammer does but yet to see a picture of one attached to a flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer. any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi People, First things first, I'm and electrician Based in NZ and all my current power tools are DeWalt XR (pretty much the same as 20V Max). I'm in the market for an SDS plus Rotary hammer, and need some advice on which to go for. i'm looking at either the DeWalt Flexvolt SDS plus kit with 2 x 9.0ah batteries and a charger for $1200.00 NZD, or a Milwaukee M18 Fuel CHPX with 2 x 5.0ah batteries and a charger for $980.00 NZD. i'm constantly drilling 25mm (1") holes so the smaller DeWalt 18V SDS plus just won't do, therefore either way i'm going to need to buy into another battery platform. in the future I will also be in the market for a recip saw, grinder and right angled drill (Milwaukee hole hawg or Dewalt Stud and Joist drill) so when choosing a new platform would need to consider this also. I can't find any comparisons online for the two rotary hammers so what do you guys think would be the best choice?
  8. hi guys, In NZ we have the 54V XR flexvolt tools compared to the american 60V max flexvolt tools. One tool that we can't buy here is the flexvolt stud and joist drill. So my question is if I were to have NZ authorised 54V XR flex volt batteries could i buy the american 60V max stud and joist drill bare tool from a parallel importer and use my 54V XR batteries to power it cheers
  9. Acme Tools shared this on instagram this morning a Flexvolt air compressor is coming soon. "Coming soon: @dewalttough has added a 2.5 gal 135 max PSI cordless air compressor (DCC2560T1) to their FLEXVOLT line-up. And it's made in the USA! ?? Pre-order yours today." Its $299 and only available as a 1 battery kit at this time. Not sure when it would ship or what it's actual release date is and I can't find it anywhere else.
  10. The Yellow Top Flexvolt 9 ah battery 2 pack is on Amazon for 299.99
  11. `So I have had the 60v table saw for a couple weeks now and really like it. I also have the FV Miter saw which I do have on a rolling stand. I was thinking about buying a rolling stand for the table saw but kinda like how small it is and I can put it in the passenger seat of my Single cab work truck. In all honesty I think I have decided to keep the table saw without a stand and cut on the ground as I normally do. Question is if you were in my situation and maybe you are would you purchase a stand for this saw? if so which one??
  12. Watching a YouTube video that was in a different language today and there it was. I cant seem to find the video again but I can assure you I seen what I saw. If anyone has seen and could post the video that would be helpful.
  13. Found a good deal on flexvolt tools. Tools include recip saw, stud/joist drill, grinder, and circular saw in the 2 battery kits. heres the link http://www.factoryauthorizedoutlet.com/deals/sbdk-149-purchase-flexvolt-get-free-bare-tool/
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