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Found 11 results

  1. This is New today... My drill no others do this. The 18v batters has a little play front to back, but what is bothering me is the play side to side I can move it side to side about 1/8".... Anyone else have this issue? Normal? Note: added short video in post below.
  2. This is my Makita TD171DB from Japan. I have enjoyed it a lot so far (1 month). I have had the makita xdt13 impact driver for almost a year now and love it so much that when i found out these existed i went and got one. The TD171D incudes the following 4 Speed modes: 1 -- [ 0-1100 rpm & 0-1100 ipm ] 2 -- [ 0-2100 rpm & 0-2600 ipm ] 3 -- [ 0-3200 rpm & 0-3600 ipm ] 4 -- [ 0-3600 rpm & 0-3800 ipm ] 1600 in/lbs max torque The 4 assist modes include: 1 for entering wood, this mode starts slow until it you get into the wood a thread or two then it ramps up and blasts her home, impacts and all.There are two assist modes for self tapping screws. T1 for tapping into thin sheet metal, this mode avoids over tightening and "stripping out" a fastener into thin meta. T2 tapping assist mode is for thick metal and starts with high rpm and no impacts to get the drilling started and then blasts her home with all the fixins'. The other assist mode is for tightening and loosening nuts on bolts and stops the nut just short of coming off of the threads so you don't shoot a nut across the shop. You can also scroll through the speed modes with the button located above the trigger where the LEDs' are located on other models. The lights can be turned into off mode on the control panel located at the base of the handle. The assist modes and speed modes can also be accessed on this control panel.This panel is also used with the new button to save an assist mode and a speed mode so that you can switch between modes while working with only the hand already operating the impact driver (i actually find this quite handy). An interesting feature is the rubber collar (idk what to call it) around the business end, just after the 1/4" hex drive, is glow in the dark. this driver also features dual bearings at the business end to mitigate bit wobble. The thing is tiny its smaller than my hand if I make a fist, like a lot smaller. The side mounted lights are an awesome feature, no more fastener shadow 98% of the time. I do electrical work in a variety of climates and conditions, these makitas put up with it really well so far.
  3. Anyone know the real torque ratings for this impact? I was looking on Ryobi's website (in Australia) and it says the torque ratings are 50/100/270 Nm (443/885/2400 in-lbs). I am finding that very hard to believe but I can't fine anywhere that states otherwise. http://www.ryobi.com.au/products/details/18v-one-brushless-impact-driver
  4. I thought this would be a good thread to start & will help a lot of people out when at the store. Post info, links, & pictures of your top three favorite driver bit/drill bit "kits". Then post 2-3 of your favorite bits, attachments, extensions, etc that do not come in the kits you use.
  5. Ok so after looking into this more i am super confused by the packages at Home Depot! I noticed that the price for the drill & driver combo kits changes almost daily! Last week alone the one i got went from $199 to $169 to $249....what. And i was just looking on the site and some other threads and started noticing a lot of dif things. This is the normal package - Model # 2691-22 - Home Depot link: https://tinyurl.com/j8ylb8y - This used to come with a free flashlight, but now its only when you buy online and not in store... The is the kit i got 2 days ago, the day after it does not come with the free $50 flash light! - Driver: 2656-20 - Drill: 2606-20 Then i noticed this one (notice the belt clip on the driver is different & its $60 more) - Model # 2697-22CT - Home Depot link: https://tinyurl.com/zfbd22x - Driver: does not tell you... - Drill: does not tell you... ....and there were a few more I will post when i find them. Can anyone help?
  6. what is the differnce between the brushless impact drivers, and which is the best option ? i use mine quiet alot had my original for 6 years but is starting to wear down and wondering which is the best to upgrade to?
  7. Hello all, Been lurking on the forums, finally decided to sign up. I need your guys help in making my next purchase. My budget is $650 and I'm looking to get an Impact Driver/ A drill/ and an SDS plus rotary hammer. I'm looking for all cordless and preferably brushless. I'm down to the following unless you have a better suggestion: ***Option 1 Makita Xt25m combo kit for $384.97 ( The promo also includes a free dual 18vx2 36v rotary hammer ) So this would give me the ( xph07z Hammer Drill, Xtd01z Impact, & free xhrz053 Dual battery rotary hammer) Then I could use and additional $150 to buy to 4.0 batteries for the rotary and be at a total of $534 which would give me 3 tools, 4 batteries and I would just be lacking a case for the rotary but I would still have an extra $120 to spend - My thoughts- I wish the impact was the LXTD06 model( I would hate having the xtd01zmodel knowing a brand new a better version exists) , the rotary is not brushless & is rather large, no life indicator on the batteries, but I get 4 batteries 3 tools and money to spare, wish I hade a case for the rotary though *** Option 2 Bosch Clpk233181L kit for $369, then also purchase the Bosch Rhh181bl rotary bare tool with box for $268.99 So this would give the ( DDS182 hammer drill, IDH182 Impact, Rhh181 rotary for $637.99, so 3 tools, 3 cases but only 2 batteries and I max my budget -My thoughts - I love the fact that each model is the companies latest and greatest model, the impact seems really cool & Everything here is brushless, everything has a case, the downside is I would be short a battery and maxed out on the budget, the rotary also seems pretty cool for how light is is. ***Option 3 Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 fuel combo for $399,Milwaukee 2612-21 rotary $150(-$150 off Home Depot discount) So this would give me the ( 2604-20 Hammer, 2653-20 impact & 26-21 rotary for $548. So I end up with 3 tools, 3 cases, 3batteries and 2 chargers and $100 to spare -My thoughts- I wish the drill was the newer model hammer, same with the makita impact it will make me made knowing that I just bought something new when there is an updated version out, I love that the impact is the companies best model, my concern with this deal is the rotary, it's not brushless. And more importantly it only has 2 settings! I want that 3rd hammer only chipping setting. Ideally I would get the 2712-20 model instead since it is also $299 and has the 3 settings and is brushless, the only issue is it is not available for the -$150 off Home Depot discount and it is a bare tool so no battery and no case and it would put me over budget since it's not included on the Home Depot -$150 deal. I am not a professional just an at home DIY. I do own a sports performance facility and bolt several peices of fitness equipment to concrete floors and walls, as well as break down and put together several peices of fitness equipment. I am that crazy picky guy that likes all the bells and whistles and the latest and greatest. I hate cheap stuff and going the affordable route to sacrife quality. I'm all about having the quality,but I still have a $650 budget for these 3 tools. Also I don't own any platform at the moment so I will be buying into a platform, but there aren't that many additional tools that I would need. I want to make this purchase by the end of the wk. Please offer any opinions, advice, thoughts etc. on helping me make this decision. Thanks for taking your time to read this and help me out.
  8. Bosch has released a 2 in 1 driver and wrench in a brushless 18v version: http://www.twwholesale.co.uk/product.php/section/6115/sn/Bosch-GDX18V-EC-18V Any one know if these are any good? Not usually a fan of combining tools but in the market for both so could save a few quid buying just the one tool. Cheers
  9. What do all of you think of multiple speeds on impact drivers? Is this something everyone or no one needs?
  10. I've heard a lot of good things about cordless impact drivers and have taken the time to find out quite a bit about how they work. I understand that there is a hammer and anvil mechanism inside which creates additional torque by hammering on the side of the bit. A lot of people online are saying that the great thing about the cordless impact driver is that they do not use any additional battery power to produce these high impacts. How can this be true? Where is the power coming from if not the battery? Cheers, R
  11. There is a lot of buzz on the car/garage forums about the Ingersoll-Rand-W7150-KL2. Have any of you all run across this tool and is it worthy of use for the building trades? How does it compare to the Milwakee 0779-22 and the Dewalt DC800KL? The specs seem to to point to the IR being about twice the tool of the others but we all know how specs often translate into real life tools, I'm really wondering how a 20v tool can best a 28v or 36v tool.
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