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Found 2 results

  1. I thought I would start this thread & keep updating it as I go, I really like seeing other peoples projects from start to finish. I also thought since this is my first time doing this alone, i would ask questions here when i get stuck. I live in a 4 bedroom 3 bath house w/ a 2.5 car garage. Only 2 of the 4 walls have drywall (ones touching the inside of the house) & it has bothered me for a while now (I spend a lot of time in the garage). This was a weird project from the start b/c my walls are not OSB or plywood, they are rare for my area & style of house ... solid gypsum board. Took me a while to learn this, I have a thread about the walls a while back on here about it, you can also see the original pics of the garage there too -- http://bit.ly/2bqYi57 So far, i have used foam and caulk in places that there were holes in the gypsum, around the 2x4's where there were gaps, around the receptacles, and a variety of other places I tough air could come thru. I then found a good deal on some R-13 rolls at HD that were bonus rolls w/ extra in them. I have used 2 rolls so far for this wall. looks like it will take about 1 more to finish this one... I have some questions which i will post in the 2nd post here after the pictures below...
  2. Ok i can really use some advice and here here bad. Just spent about 2 hrs looking over the net and still have not gotten any solid info. I have a 2.5 car garage, but only 2 of the 4 walls are finished (as in they hung drywall, spackled over the nail holes, and taped the seams w/ only 1 coat.) The other 2 walls are not finished at all. All the unfinished garages i see, there is usually plywood behind the studs. I have some weird dark brown sheets that kinda look like drywall. (see the pics below). I think the aluminum siding it nailed right to this brown boards. some spots of it have got bumped and fell off and its like a 1/2" if white hard concrete looking stuff inside. this worries me that there is like no good barrier between the outside world but an old board. do i need to cover it all with plywood or some type of plastic vapor barrier and then start to insulate and drywall?? Also i just noticed that there is a shelf in there that we store pool chairs and umbrellas & stuff. someone must of pushed o the poles to get them up there and they hit the brown board stuff. i looked outside and the aluminum siding is now dented out pretty good. so if i were to hit the brown stuff with a hammer or kick it, it would dent the siding outwards when you go out to look at it. something does not need right to me. i at min need to patch any holes or dents in it as well as tape the seams, b/c a hold means that the only barrier is the siding. I need help. There is Only plywood above the garage doors... I am also confused why they only did about 5" all around the top but not the rest of the wall below As you can see below, I used duct tape to patch a section of the brown board that i saw had started to fall apart and come off the wall, im sure there is a proper way to fix it thou and i want to know before its too late..
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