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Found 3 results

  1. So I was in the market for a set of 3/8" impact sockets when I stumbled across these: The Tekton set I've had has been on the race trailer which turned out to be a logistical problem because the trailer is often at my father in-laws. It hasn't been an issue because I typically have multiples of most things, but not 3/8" impacts. On the trailer we stock only metric, but in the shop I need both, so this combination set really appealed to me. With SAE from 5/16" - 3/4" and metric from 8 mm up to 19 mm in both deep and shallow, it covers everything I'll need in 3/8" drive. It also included a 3" extension and swivel U-Joint for a total of 42 pieces. The real star of this set (as goofy as it sounds) was they tray. I like the stability of trays and typically use the Hanson trays, but you lose the mobility of a rail in the process. This set offers both. It features a tray on which rails attach and can be attached/detached easily with 1 hand. Socket can be sat on the posts or locked on with a 1/4 turn. The tray really sold me on the set and I wish I could put every socket I have on this system. They don't sell the trays individually, but they totally should The sockets are all 6 point, made in Taiwan, and seem to be excellent quality. As you know, Expert is Mac's budget line and this set can be had on the Mac truck for about $150. I highly recommend it! I may do a review on it, but we'll see
  2. So I was wondering because the Stanley Black and Decker company owns: -Dewalt -Black and Decker -Porter Cable -Mac tools And all these brands have a 20 volt max lithium ion cordless line does that mean that they are interchangeable. I'm just wondering if you could say: -Go buy a Black and Decker 20 volt cordless hedge trimmer and run it on Dewalt batteries. -Charge up a porter cable battery pack with a Dewalt charger Because I know that mac tools runs their new cordless line on the Dewalt 20 volt batteries as an option but can it go beyond that.
  3. It's not everyday I stumble across a tool that I can't live without........Ok, we all know that shit ain't the truth. Anyhow, a couple months back I stumbled across what I felt was the most badass Tap & Die set I'd ever seen, the Mac TD117COMBOS. It's a revised version of the older 117 piece set and came out last summer. I stumbled across it on a YouTube video and after a little research I was heartbroken to find it listed @ $459 I searched for other alternatives and found a Norseman HSS set. It was Standard only, 40 pieces altogether, but it was $400, so to get the same functionality in the Norseman's I was looking at $800....yikes. The Mac set wasn't HSS, it is "High Performance Steel" which is a fancy name for carbon. Norseman had 40 piece carbon sets for around $100 each, so I could go that route for around $200. The real bonus with the Mac set was that it came with a nice 36 piece drill bit set that included both letter and number bits (neither of which I had). It also came with a 5 piece extractor set (have a plethora of those). I decided to keep my eyes open on eBay for either option, but my heart was set on the Mac set. After patient searching a used Mac set popped up for $269. Seller said he'd used it twice and looked to be immaculate in the pics. I pulled the trigger and it arrived today. As you can see, everything folds up nicely in the case and sizes are marked on both the tool and case to help keep everything in order. The included bit set has every bit you need to tap any hole covered by the set. It's very handy that it's entirely self contained. I can't tell it's ever been used. This might be the most immaculate used item I've ever bought. The Tekton set I was using has been a good set, can't beat it for the money. I plan to put that on the race trailer and keep the Mac set in the shop. I'd have never paid $450 for it, but at $269 in this condition I can't beat it.
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