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Found 14 results

  1. Cordless brands have had ups and downs over the years, with some such as Flex being new to the US market while others like Porter Cable seem to be on life support. What is your favorite brand right now?
  2. What is the best tool platform. Debatable but manufactures have there strengths and unfortunatlly have there weaknesses I perfer Makita, Dewalt etc what do you perfer and what are your opinions.
  3. This monster comparison is out biggest yet! 7 brands. Mike and I have put in 75 hours all up ... :/
  4. Just got done cleaning and greasing this metabo w 1080-125rt 5 inch 10a grinder. Took in total about 4 hours to clean . I completely cleaned out the gear box of the old grease and put new and cleaned everything else good. The grinder is the welding shops at my school at took it home and clean her up real good, i have included some pictures from what it looked like before and after have a good one thanks for stopping by
  5. New Metabo Grinder coming out . World’s First” cordless 9” grinder WPB36LTXBL230 ($1199) Coptool http://www.coptool.com/metabo-36v-brushless-9-grinder-21-amp-power-wpb36ltxbl230/ Article on the grinder
  6. We're only a month away from spring down under so camping season will be here soon. Does anyone have any of the 18V Metabo LED offerings? The things I am looking to find out is the output levels/modes or any other helpful features. The Metabo website doesn't show much info for their lighting. I am particularly interested in the 18V (SLA 14.4-18 LED) inspection lamp, and whether it has multiple output levels. I very much do not want to have to buy into Milwaukee
  7. Is anyone getting a bump or step in the grips of their Metabo cordless tools where the seam/left and right sections come together and don't meet up precisely enough? Both the blower and impact wrench I have are doing this. The blower has a 1mm difference! It gets quite uncomfortable as you can always feel a seam/bump. Does anyone see this with other brands? The Bosch 12v tools I have are near perfect, very smooth and you can't notice the seams at all. The plastic sections also meet up very close all around the tool. Metabo almost always has a bit of a gap all around the tool seam, both on the plastic and over mould parts. I'm quite disappointed with Metabo on this, everything else about the tools are high quality. Other brands seem to have almost no gaps and smooth grips (in photos online anyway).
  8. Looks like another new tool for Metabo! https://adelaidetools.com.au/metabo-18v-63-5mm-cordless-bandsaw-skin-mbs18ltx2-5sk.html (photo source: Adelaide Tools)
  9. Does anyone know the differences (if any) between these two batteries? I can't find any information online and the pricing seems inconsistent. Is one an older model? Some pictures I found online showed the red extreme battery is assembled in China, whereas the other black version is Hungary. Thanks
  10. Hey guy, It's finally up! I actually think it's pretty darn good (probably 25+ hours of editing), so check it out! Thanks
  11. Hi all. I recently purchased this blower and was wondering if anyone else has one, or, if anyone else knows whether the inflator attachments for the Milwaukee or Dewalt blowers can be used on the Metabo. (In Oz, there is also the Ozito Power-X 18v blower that comes with inflator attachments). Other than not having the inflator attachments or a lock on feature like the others, this blower is great. Very handy to have. Plenty of power to clean a work area or blow grass clippings and dust off driveways after mowing. I use a 6.2 LiHD battery and get plenty of runtime. I haven't run a proper test, but I estimate at full speed there is at least 30 minutes of non-stop run time with this battery. Using it for 20 minutes on/off to clean up after mowing there are still 4 bars remaining. I just wish it came with attachments and a lock on button. The grip on mine also has a slight ridge where the left and right sections join (they don't seem to line up properly). There is about a 1mm bump on the grip because of this (this can be a little uncomfortable). Any questions about this tool just ask and I'm happy to provide more info. Thanks, Dan
  12. Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I would just like some insight from people who have or know about drills. I'm looking into something for basic around the house maintenance. I'm not gonna be doing anything major just simple things like driving. I'm looking into something like the Festool CXS and maybe a Metabo but I'd like to hear what people that actually have these tools think of them. All suggestions are welcomed and I hope to talk to you all soon (if there is a certain thread I should look at or if this was talked about already, the redirection is welcomed)
  13. Well it's FINALLY here! Not only is the eagerly awaited video up, but so is our new site! If you want to see our full review, please check it out! http://oztooltalk.com/hammer_drill_comparison/ If you really really wanna see the video without going to our new site (and risk making me cry) ... Edit: UPDATED VIDEOS ARE UP! Sorry for the mess about. Prepare to be shocked.
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