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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a switch for this saw? I have looked in the usual places and it looks like they are no longer available.
  2. All i have to go by are the numbers on the motor. I previously thought this was made by Another company but support team denied making them.
  3. Working outside in -20 degree Celsius. My miter saw doesn’t want to fire up right away, it screeches and slowly turns for about ten seconds and sometimes starts to smoke before it starts spinning normally. It keeps working fine after that if I’m continually making cuts. The blade is stiff to turn by hand too before I get it going for the first time. All my other saws (skill saw, table saw etc.) work fine. Only have a problem with the miter saw.
  4. Just wondering how Delta haven't taken a hit from Bosch with this saw? It looks like they've taken the base and guard mechanics of the DeWalt Flexvolt/DWS780 12" mitre saw and the Bosch GDL arms and cobbled them together. About the same price as the Bosch too so why would this be any more appealing.
  5. DIYorDie


    Hi guys/gals, I need your help, I received a Dewalt dw718 as a gift. The problem is that its in pretty bad shape, I've been looking for videos on youtube on how to restore and get it in best shape possible and I was unable to find. Its been pushed hard and neglected but it just got a better home.....I've never done it and have no idea where to star...Where do I start? Thanks....
  6. So I'm the market to replace my million year old Delta miter saw. I've been doing a lot of shopping around online and I came across this saw sold at Northern Tool. (http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200641848_200641848). My budget is about $250 max, as I'm not a professional. I can't find any independent videos or reviews of the thing online. There is a single review on the website and a short preview video. Has anyone seen one of these in action? I've never bought anything from Northern Tool before, I'm assuming Ironton is a house brand.
  7. As you know Dewalt just came out with their cordless miter saw, the Flex Volt. Milwaukee just came out with their cordless miter saw and the 9Ah battery. Just want to hear all your opinions on which saw you would get. We just had the chance last week to look at them both. There are pro's and con's to both. Just want to hear everyone's feedback. Do you own one? If you bought one, which would you go with? Just curious.
  8. I am really loving this industry push towards a cordless jobsite. With Milwaukee and Ridgid coming out with proper battery miter saws and Dewalt with their miter saw, table saw and power source the future is almost here. Can we all agree that stationary tools/saws/room lights/fans and vacuums should all have receptacles for an extension cord? Even Ryobi can afford to put these on their moderately priced 18v light and fan, both. I am looking at the purchase of a Milwaukee miter saw, but without a way to plug it in..... this is kind of a deal breaker. Future table saw, lights, fans and small vacuums will also get the same thought process. You do you guys look at this?
  9. I sometimes browse the internet looking for tool innovations, and at one point run into the European market for tools there I found out that most well known manufacturers as Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and many others make a Table Miter saw combo machine, but for whatever reason has never been offered in the US, I have been doing installations as a professional for over 10 years from Interior Trim, Flooring to Windows and Doors, to make a long story short, I have been craving the above mentioned machine, well finally there is a manufacturer that will sell it here in the United States, it is a little pricey but for someone who makes a living moving to 2 to 8 job sites in a a single day it may be well justified. Here is a link to the tool I want to get the opinion of fellow woodworkers and re-modelers. http://www.specialtytools.com/combination-table-miter-saw.html Also if anyone has an idea why these hasn't been offered in the States sooner, I understand It has been available for quite some time overseas.
  10. I have an older cheap Delta Shopmaster 10" miter saw. I've been envious of all the bells and whistles on the newer miter saws namely the laser guides. So I picked up this cheap laser guide from Harbor Freight. It's branded "CEN TECH" so I'm not sure if it's a HF exclusive or if this can be found elsewhere. Took some hacking but I got it to work on my 10" Delta ShopMaster saw. Great little add-on if anyone is missing this useful feature on your miter saw. http://youtu.be/4jwHTwFuxvw
  11. I was wondering what is better. I was going to purchase a nice simple 10" single bevel compound miter saw, a DeWalt DW713 for $219.00. Then I saw the DeWalt DW715 on sale for the same price. It is a simple 12" single bevel miter saw. They are both Direct-Drive motors. The 10" DW713 spins at 5,000 RPM. The 12" DW715 spins at 4,000 RPM. Then I saw a Double-Bevel miter saw, it is the DW716, a 12" Belt-Driven Double-Bevel that spins at 3,800 RPM. But is is $130.00 more than both the 10" & 12" direct-drive single bevel miter saws. Now does a Direct-Drive Motor produce more wobble than a Belt-Drive? Will the faster 1000 RPM of a Direct-Drive produce a smoother cut? The difference in RPM's between the Direct-Drive 10" DW713 and the Belt-Driven 12" DW716 is 1,400 RPM. Which will produce a smoother cut, a 10" or 12" blade? Is there really a need for a Double Bevel? I've read that alot of people say that it is not necessary. And the Double Bevel Belt-Driven 12" DW716 would cost $130.00 more than the Single Bevel Direct Drive 12" DW715. And what about the belt-drive system, I know that more moving parts will be more stuff to wear out, more things to replace, more potential for things to go wrong. What would you do...?
  12. Is it worth getting a miter stand for my miter saw? Ive been debating whether or not to get one. Ive been lugging around 6x4 table everytime everytime i needed the saw. The only thing holding me back is the price I own a Bosch 5312 and the price for a bosch stand is around 300$. Can anybody tell me from expirience if the extentions and wheels are worth the money.
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