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Found 4 results

  1. I bought a used craftsman 6" jointer. Ran fine for a few times but this past week I ran one board through it fine and turned it off for a minute. When I tried to turn it on again, the motor hums but does not spin. The motor and the blade assembly spin freely by hand. I took the motor off the jointer and tried it and it started up fine. I put it back on the jointer and again, it hums but does not spin. Even if I give it a spin by hand it won't kick on. I've read that single phase motors have a capacitor on the motor that can go bad and cause this behavior. Everything I read seemed to say the capacitor would be under a cover on the outside of the motor but there is nothing on the outside of this motor. Pictures of the motor attached along with the switch and relay. Craftsman 6" jointer 113.232210 Any ideas would be appreciated. Michael
  2. I've been using my Chicago brand rotary tool for a project requiring sanding. After a while there started to be a grinding noise from the motor. Like something gritty was in the motor. I assumed it was a build up of saw dust in the casing around the motor so I would blow the dust out and the noise would stop. I thought the problem was solved. Eventually it got to a point where blowing the vents out didn't help. I was worried I'd burn out the motor if I didn't fix it. I unplugged it (safety first!) and opened the casing. As I suspected there was some build up inside the tool. I proceeded to blow it out as well as I could. Once back together I turned it on. The grinding noise is gone but the motor's general sound it makes has changed. It's higher pitched then before. Not really a whine but definitely different then it was before. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Nothing was moved when I had it opened. The best help I could find online said that it may need oiled, but it sounded normal before I opened it (besides the grinding noise). Does anyone know what it might be?
  3. Recently i stripped my treadmill, and i admit i dont know much about electrics, but diy and learning are two things i like most, i believe no questions a silly question, and i hope you do to, cause i have a few silly ones to ask you all Now ive been on a forums asking for advice, and im still a little lost, so thaught id come to a tool site to makesure im on the right track i have a DC motor Perm Magnet 1500w 230vac, i have the controller board, however its not in best shape, and id like to control its speed to make a lathe, /sand grinder etc il attach 2 videos of the motor, video 2 being clear and showing magnet restriction when wires connected. we have talked about triacs and bridge recifiers and alsorts, and the suggestion i have is DC motor a heavy duty light dimmer bridge rectifier and a ~100 - 250 uF capacitor (on the controller its 450-470 uf capacitor, but i dont know if thats for the whole machine, or where this awesome guy who helped me got numbers from, ive seen a few controllers that i think would work.... but im worried im gona blow the motor or me or waste money on the wrong thing, im hoping, you guys can confirm this is what you would do as im sure many of you here have done this. ive emailed reebok as i cant find anything online to give me full spec of the motor, not sure what i need to match up tbh.. there is vdc..vac ...volt,,watts... ive no idea i learnt the laws on Vac, and im reading other things but its confusing at time, i learn on practical alot, and i cant get in there n look so im finding it hard lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CEBEK-R-10-230V-MOTOR-SPEED-CONTROLLER-1500W-/131648839032?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 i find things like this.. but im still stuck as to how to make it hit the god damn wall lol, if you dont do u dont learn, if people stop when they get stuck and give up, noting would get done, so abuse me asmuch as you like i love salt and i dont mind the banter, im a pleb and im proud! nah honestly thansk for taking the time to read this i sure your feeling my pain after trying to decipher my text
  4. Hi I need to rewire this table saw. Does anybody know about the 4 wires coming from the motor? I would like to bypass the other components so that I can have a direct connection to mains, or does the motor need other components to run correctly? thanks in advance
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