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Found 7 results

  1. EDITED: Please Consult Dan or Eric to Advertise Directly
  2. What is a good makita brushless kit around $200 i am looking for a friend he wants to get a milwaukee but my opinion is makita makes better impacts and he hasn't owned anything makita thanks
  3. I was wondering if makita was makiing som things in japan again i found these couple pictures.
  4. i was wondering your guys opinion on the Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw and theMakita LW1401 Cut-Off Saw, 14" and if any of you guys owned ethier of them thanks for stoping by have a good one
  5. Hello everyone so lately, dewalt has been going after our wallets HARD. it feels like they have announced so many juicy things these past months, and it has me hyped. with of course there announcement of the flex volt and all there goodies. My eyes mainly set on (cordless miter saw and table saw). not to mention there new radio DCR025, which Ive been wanting a dewalt radio. I tried there exciting ones but they all seem to fall short on receptions something that they have promised has improved on said new radio. now the thing that i really been wanting is that new md501 dewalt
  6. I sometimes browse the internet looking for tool innovations, and at one point run into the European market for tools there I found out that most well known manufacturers as Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and many others make a Table Miter saw combo machine, but for whatever reason has never been offered in the US, I have been doing installations as a professional for over 10 years from Interior Trim, Flooring to Windows and Doors, to make a long story short, I have been craving the above mentioned machine, well finally there is a manufacturer that will sell it here in the United States, it is a little
  7. I’m continually and eagerly looking forward to each and every tool ad I can get my hands on - mostly to see if someone, anyone, has come out with a really great new and exciting tool. Maybe some fledgling start-up company with a clever idea has just found the money to do some serious advertising. Maybe there is a 50% sale on that 13½” helical planer I don’t want to pay $550 for. Okay, that last ‘maybe’ might be a bit surreal, but anyway, I keep looking. Through manufacturers’ brochures, magazine ads, and the Sunday News ads, and online - I keep looking. But, what do I find? Cordless drill kit
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