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Found 18 results

  1. Well, well, well...DeWalt just shipped a new Jobsite Table saw and I was wondering what you all think of it? I am providing a link to an article that talks about it, but was curious to hear if this was the feature set and size customers were looking for. Seems like 8-1/4" is becoming more popular, but is it really preferred over the 10" blade? https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-jobsite-table-saw-dwe7485-022020/ Couple things stand out to me on this new model...I like the steel miter gauge, seems like many of the competitors are shipping these sized models with cheap plastic ones, so that seems like an upgrade. The table seems a bit unusual in that they have four extensions in each corner but the top of them are tapered, rather than tapering the bottom so the top would remain level. As it is a table saw more area of usable table would seem like the best plan, the decision to taper the top of them just seems unusual to me what say you all. From the picture it appears the vacuum attachment is on the blade guard, I wonder if there is a second one underneath? It has what looks to be a new style On/Off switch as well.
  2. Hello all, I’m after your friendly professional opinion here, I’ve recenty bought a Makita LS1018l Compound Mitre Saw, as recent as a week ago to be exact. the saw has had about 20 mins total run time since I’ve had, from new. I was cutting widths on a 4x4 yesterday to cut out a mortise and had it running for around 3 minutes off and on, off and on for around 10 seconds each time and smoke appeared out of the motor vents and it stunk. Now it won’t turn back on, even after cooling down as that was my initial thought, so I checked out the brushes and they look like this. do I need new brushes or is it something more serious? Thanks and sorry for the long rant over something very basic but I’m fairly new to this type of power tool 👍👍
  3. Love this new makita sawzall its brushless powerful two speed settings and a variable speed trigger and a trigger lock. Rafter hook light on front , adjustable shoe. I would highly recommended I use 4ah batteries with it and works great.
  4. Good evening, I'm currently on 24-hour duty and need to kill some time, so here I am. Anyway, my current obsession is tools. Not that the current job permits me the time to really use them, but tool buying has become a bit of a hobby which should pay dividends after retirement. I started off with Porter Cable 18v (sadly still used more than the newer tools since I keep them at work), moved on to DeWalt 20v Max, and recently started supplementing my Yellow tools with some heavy-hitting Fuel tools (rotary hammer, circular saw, impact wrench). Having worked construction, automotive, and material handling equipment repair before becoming a trigger puller, it is easy to appreciate the convenience, ergonomics, run-time, and other advantages of today's cordless tools. Anyway, I hope to contribute where possible, learn a lot, and enjoy reading everyone's input and opinions.
  5. Made a Shake with drill mixing enjoy the pictures and also last picture is ice on cup from it being so cold
  6. Does anyone know of any good deal on the Makita XWT08Z 1/2 impact wrench anywhere best price i can find is 249.00
  7. Seen an ad on ksl and ended up buying for $25 the tool its a makita m361 1/4 router 4.8 amps is pretty powerful little guy. Do you guys think this was a good deal beacuse i did its in very good condition have a happy halloween everybody #tiacrew
  8. Seen an ad on ksl and ended up buying for $25 the tool its a makita m361 1/4 router 4.8 amps is pretty powerful little guy. Do you guys think this was a good deal beacuse i did its in very good condition have a happy halloween everybody #tiacrew
  9. Saw this ad on acme tools and though it was kind of funny have a good halloween everybody Link : http://www.acmetools.com/blog/pumpkin-carving-milwaukee-m12-cordless-tools/?cm_mmc=Spop-Email-_-161031 Halloween Sitewide Ending Soon-_-Active
  10. New Metabo Grinder coming out . World’s First” cordless 9” grinder WPB36LTXBL230 ($1199) Coptool http://www.coptool.com/metabo-36v-brushless-9-grinder-21-amp-power-wpb36ltxbl230/ Article on the grinder
  11. I opened the cuboard and get a 3 pack of super glue and cut it open and getting ready to use it and damn it hardened up.Then instead of using super glue i used jb weld #tiacrew #tiacrew4life
  12. http://www.makita.se/tool/new/DF032DSAJ.html
  13. Hello everyone! I just registered today, but have been watching TIA quite regularly on Youtube, and have now decided its time to become a member. I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I am married, am from California, got my own place a few years back, and I have a love for powertools and home improvement/ repair. I like all tools brands, but tend to find myself usually leaning more in favor of Milwaukee (I like their ergonomics). I wanted to join this site to get some better insight into the newer technology involved in cordless powertools, as well as with the hopes of getting some great tips from users that I can apply towards some of the various projects that I seem to be faced with as a homeowner. Well thanks for taking the time to let me introduce myself, and I look forward to learning a lot from this site while meeting other people.
  14. was browsing the Milwaukee website, and came across this http://www.milwaukeetool.com/power-tools/cordless/0850-20 update: milwaukee has removed all trace of this vac from their website
  15. Does anyone else feel as I do that Dewalt should invest more R&D dollars in new tools? I"d like to be a loyal Dewalt owner, but I have to admit that I have a bit of envy for the constant stream of new and innovative tools from Milwaukee. I just saw an article that they're introducing 22 new tools over the next year, many of them brushless. The new brushless motors put cordless tools on par with corded tools and are more than just a novelty. What are we hearing from Dewalt? Zip, nada, nothing. I stopped in at one of their traveling road shows and the folks running the show knew nothing about any new tools. It would seem the most basic and needed brushless tools are a 20V circular saw and reciprocating saw. Come on Dewalt. Catch up with the competition and keep us in the fold!
  16. Good Morning all. Hop everyone is having a great day so far. With November around the corner, we wanted to make sure everyone had our Booth Info for The SEMA Show this year, going on in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, November 4-7, 2014. You can find us in the same spot as last year, Both #11229, so make sure you take some time to stop on by, check out our new products, and take part in some great #Free product giveaways! We look forward to seeing all of our great fans! (800) 221-9705 cbarakat@astrotools.com http://www.astrotools.com/
  17. Any info on Dewalt expanding their brushless XR lineup? I hope to see at least a circular saw and sawzall by July, my hope is fading and needs restoration. Someone come with the good news already
  18. Hello new to the forum, I'm a 24yrs old from Los Angeles County, I guess I'm a handyman never really gave myself a tittle I do a little of everything, I really enjoy complete house renovations though.I love my type of work and looking to be a general contractor sometime down the road.
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