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Found 19 results

  1. What tool should I use to cut metal roofing? want a only power tool.
  2. I would like to attach a sacrifice fence and some other jigs to my rip fence but there does not seem to be enough room between the work support extension and the fence itself for clamps. If I remove the work support extension and reattach it as needed, will this compromise the integrity of the fence? It looks like it attaches with one screw on each end, but I am not sure of what is inside the fence and how it connects. I contacted DeWalt and they said since they never tested it, they could not answer my question. Any other options? Thanks in Advance
  3. i am looking to buy a reciprocating saw for demolition a outside deck. should i get one the has a battery or one that has a cord? (THE BRAND DOES NOT MATTER TO ME)
  4. New at the forum Got 11 years experience repairing power tools like milwaukee dewalt hitachi makita bosch ...
  5. I have a DEWALT Portable Hand Planer (D26676) and I can't seem to find a dust collection bag that fits the this tool. It's not just a regular circle so I can't just use some adapter that would fit it. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  6. Before I begin, let me recognize the fact that many of us here and on similar forums are somewhat receptive to owning tools from different brands, being capable of recognizing that the "best" isn't always proprietary to a favored tool brand. Also, though this thread will naturally concern tools in general and power tools in particular, a representative example of how close-minded some people are can be had in the endless debates on which truck brand is best. Ford guys stick to Ford, GM to GM, Dodge to Dodge (or Ram to Ram I guess nowadays), etc. So, how many of you have met someo
  7. Hello, I'm new here and new to woodworking. I purchased a Milwaukee 2606 22ct compact drill yesterday. Out of the box, the drill brake makes a ratcheting noise. I know other drills stop silently. Is this unique to Milwaukee or is there a problem with the drill? Thanks, Doug
  8. Hey, what's up! My experience with tools is limited and I recently got a job in the tool department at a retail store. My aim in coming here is to learn while off the job so that I'm a little more fluid in performing my duties on the job. I've been helping more people than I hurt (maybe it's 50/50) while on the clock, but it's still the case where if I had taken care to ask small questions sooner I'd be performing better and be more satisfied with my work. Just wanted to make a first post. I know it's a bare introduction, but I wanted to be honest about my motivation. I look forwar
  9. Hey guys, im new to the forum and I wanted to bring forth a question that does not really have a right or wrong answer but more or less just some insight and suggestion on the situation. So here goes. I just recently purchased a four piece milwaukee set for work. I love it but it will stay at work. Now i got it bacause i travel a bit (road work in state) and it is much easier to carry one charger. I had to streamline i just decided to pick milwaukee because there was an incredible deal i could not pass up. Im not a brand nerd but it had to be done simply for time and space. Now here is the sit
  10. I'm trying to plane a board and I don't have access to a super wide, industrial planer so I'm trying to use my 3" wide, DeWalt power planer to get out all the humps. But every time I plane across the whole thing it makes these little streaks from the edge of the blade. Is this normal? Should I just get a belt sander to smooth them out or is there a particular planing pattern that I need to follow to help prevent these streaks? See attached file. (the wood is white oak).
  11. Please do not post any of your old tools this is used for you to see what my grandfather used when he was in the field
  12. how old is power house jigsaw model 73120 is does say mcgraw and edison next to the model number
  13. I am trying to figure out which power tool brand I should get. The four i have to decide between are Dewalt, Milwalkee, Bosch, and Ridgid. If I am trying to get into professional contracting business which tool brand should i start out by getting? Which one would be the best for a home owner and for a professional contractor?
  14. I've come across a Stone Saw from Truco Mason Drilling Division, and I need to see if anyone has any details. The model number has been worn off, but I have a partial Serial Number (6720*, the * is because there's something there, but it's too worn to see). It runs on a track, and has a stainless steel housing (pictures coming soon). If this saw is worth the money, I need parts to get it back up and running (it's smoking a fair amount). Any replies with details would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hello, I am new here. I made my account especially for this because I am in a great dilema. I received great offers for these 2 beasts. They are around the same price but that does not matter. I am a truck mechanic, so I need powerful, reliable, long-lasting cordless impact wrench. And these are the two I found at a really good price. So, other alternatives are completely excluded. I saw some guy on youtube that has had Milwaukee HD18HIW 610nm torque / 3 Ah battery (I am not talking about FUEL) for about 2 years and used it heavily and had no problem. So, this would have been much choice. Un
  16. I’m continually and eagerly looking forward to each and every tool ad I can get my hands on - mostly to see if someone, anyone, has come out with a really great new and exciting tool. Maybe some fledgling start-up company with a clever idea has just found the money to do some serious advertising. Maybe there is a 50% sale on that 13½” helical planer I don’t want to pay $550 for. Okay, that last ‘maybe’ might be a bit surreal, but anyway, I keep looking. Through manufacturers’ brochures, magazine ads, and the Sunday News ads, and online - I keep looking. But, what do I find? Cordless drill kit
  17. Here is the 1933 Craftsman Power Tool Catalog. This is the 5th production year for Craftsman Power Tools 1933 Craftsman Power Tools.pdf
  18. I am starting to work with my dad. He runs his own HVAC business in Georgia. I have to start investing in tools and not sure where to start. I know what hand tools I want, but not what power tools. I am trying to see what other guys use, but it is just such a wide range as they have built their line up over years. My dad is just set in his ways and still uses older tools. I want the best tools for the money, which I am sure everyone does. I really want to stick with one brand because i don't want to have a lot of different batteries. I heard the Lithium batteries have a hard time in th
  19. Hi everyone, My name is Rebeka, and I am currently conducting feasability research on new power tool projects. I would like to know if anyone has any suggested issues with the following products and what those issues are, also if you have any solutions: Light tower Chipper shredder air compressor long run fuel tank 540 rpm power take off drive shaft Rage 3 saw I would really appreciate any information on the above projects. Thankyou for your time and help. Rebeka
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