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Found 6 results

  1. Recently i stripped my treadmill, and i admit i dont know much about electrics, but diy and learning are two things i like most, i believe no questions a silly question, and i hope you do to, cause i have a few silly ones to ask you all Now ive been on a forums asking for advice, and im still a little lost, so thaught id come to a tool site to makesure im on the right track i have a DC motor Perm Magnet 1500w 230vac, i have the controller board, however its not in best shape, and id like to control its speed to make a lathe, /sand grinder etc il attach 2 videos of the motor, video 2 being clear and showing magnet restriction when wires connected. we have talked about triacs and bridge recifiers and alsorts, and the suggestion i have is DC motor a heavy duty light dimmer bridge rectifier and a ~100 - 250 uF capacitor (on the controller its 450-470 uf capacitor, but i dont know if thats for the whole machine, or where this awesome guy who helped me got numbers from, ive seen a few controllers that i think would work.... but im worried im gona blow the motor or me or waste money on the wrong thing, im hoping, you guys can confirm this is what you would do as im sure many of you here have done this. ive emailed reebok as i cant find anything online to give me full spec of the motor, not sure what i need to match up tbh.. there is vdc..vac ...volt,,watts... ive no idea i learnt the laws on Vac, and im reading other things but its confusing at time, i learn on practical alot, and i cant get in there n look so im finding it hard lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CEBEK-R-10-230V-MOTOR-SPEED-CONTROLLER-1500W-/131648839032?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 i find things like this.. but im still stuck as to how to make it hit the god damn wall lol, if you dont do u dont learn, if people stop when they get stuck and give up, noting would get done, so abuse me asmuch as you like i love salt and i dont mind the banter, im a pleb and im proud! nah honestly thansk for taking the time to read this i sure your feeling my pain after trying to decipher my text
  2. Somebody here that have some experience with the power Landscaping machines of dewalt? So yes can you tell me what you think of it. http://www.dewalt.com/en-us/products/power-tools/shop-by-cordless-platform/outdoor-power-equipment-platforms
  3. so i was with a buddy of mine and we had to improvise, lol and YES it worked!!! is this a TIA first ?
  4. Check out our Must Have Jump Starters! Great for anyone who may need a jump for your car, charge for your devices, or just some extra power for your laptops! (800) 221-9705 cbarakat@astrotools.com http://www.astrotools.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=257&limit=12&q=jump+starter
  5. We have a special surprise for all the Astro fans out there. A brand new product in our line that is a MUST HAVE for anyone who owns a vehicle. Our Tool of the Day today will be our Item # 7775- 12V Portable Power Supply and Emergency Jump Starter Kit. This kit provides the ability and adapters to charge a wide range of personal electronics one or two at a time, including: iPhones, Androids, tablets and laptops. However, where this power supply really shines is its capacity to supply a massive 400 Amps of peak power when needed for emergency jump starting up to 20 vehicles in a row. The lightweight high output 12,000mAh Lithium Ion battery cycles up to 1000 times, and can be charged at home or in the car, meaning you will never be stranded without power again. Make sure to stop by our website for our entire product line, and contact us directly for product info and distributors nearest you. http://www.astrotools.com/ (800) 221-9705
  6. I've heard a lot of good things about cordless impact drivers and have taken the time to find out quite a bit about how they work. I understand that there is a hammer and anvil mechanism inside which creates additional torque by hammering on the side of the bit. A lot of people online are saying that the great thing about the cordless impact driver is that they do not use any additional battery power to produce these high impacts. How can this be true? Where is the power coming from if not the battery? Cheers, R
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