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Found 3 results

  1. I want to purchase a rotary hammer and after some research I decided on the Bosch RH328VC The only problem is that it only support 120V power input and I need 220V power input. What's the equivalent European model? After some searching the GBH 3-28 DFR seems like the closest match but I am not sure. Any ideas? BTW, opinions about my selected models are also welcome Thanks.
  2. Hello all, Been lurking on the forums, finally decided to sign up. I need your guys help in making my next purchase. My budget is $650 and I'm looking to get an Impact Driver/ A drill/ and an SDS plus rotary hammer. I'm looking for all cordless and preferably brushless. I'm down to the following unless you have a better suggestion: ***Option 1 Makita Xt25m combo kit for $384.97 ( The promo also includes a free dual 18vx2 36v rotary hammer ) So this would give me the ( xph07z Hammer Drill, Xtd01z Impact, & free xhrz053 Dual battery rotary hammer) Then I could use and additional $150 to buy to 4.0 batteries for the rotary and be at a total of $534 which would give me 3 tools, 4 batteries and I would just be lacking a case for the rotary but I would still have an extra $120 to spend - My thoughts- I wish the impact was the LXTD06 model( I would hate having the xtd01zmodel knowing a brand new a better version exists) , the rotary is not brushless & is rather large, no life indicator on the batteries, but I get 4 batteries 3 tools and money to spare, wish I hade a case for the rotary though *** Option 2 Bosch Clpk233181L kit for $369, then also purchase the Bosch Rhh181bl rotary bare tool with box for $268.99 So this would give the ( DDS182 hammer drill, IDH182 Impact, Rhh181 rotary for $637.99, so 3 tools, 3 cases but only 2 batteries and I max my budget -My thoughts - I love the fact that each model is the companies latest and greatest model, the impact seems really cool & Everything here is brushless, everything has a case, the downside is I would be short a battery and maxed out on the budget, the rotary also seems pretty cool for how light is is. ***Option 3 Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 fuel combo for $399,Milwaukee 2612-21 rotary $150(-$150 off Home Depot discount) So this would give me the ( 2604-20 Hammer, 2653-20 impact & 26-21 rotary for $548. So I end up with 3 tools, 3 cases, 3batteries and 2 chargers and $100 to spare -My thoughts- I wish the drill was the newer model hammer, same with the makita impact it will make me made knowing that I just bought something new when there is an updated version out, I love that the impact is the companies best model, my concern with this deal is the rotary, it's not brushless. And more importantly it only has 2 settings! I want that 3rd hammer only chipping setting. Ideally I would get the 2712-20 model instead since it is also $299 and has the 3 settings and is brushless, the only issue is it is not available for the -$150 off Home Depot discount and it is a bare tool so no battery and no case and it would put me over budget since it's not included on the Home Depot -$150 deal. I am not a professional just an at home DIY. I do own a sports performance facility and bolt several peices of fitness equipment to concrete floors and walls, as well as break down and put together several peices of fitness equipment. I am that crazy picky guy that likes all the bells and whistles and the latest and greatest. I hate cheap stuff and going the affordable route to sacrife quality. I'm all about having the quality,but I still have a $650 budget for these 3 tools. Also I don't own any platform at the moment so I will be buying into a platform, but there aren't that many additional tools that I would need. I want to make this purchase by the end of the wk. Please offer any opinions, advice, thoughts etc. on helping me make this decision. Thanks for taking your time to read this and help me out.
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