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Found 9 results

  1. The new JET Router Table features a cast iron or MDF table top, precision router lift, fence system with feather board and flip top add-ons, easily transportable rolling stand, and multiple dust collection features. Options include a cast iron or MDF table top, precision router lift, fence system with feather board and flip top add-ons, easily transportable rolling stand, and multiple dust collection features. All components are also sold separately, so that users can mix and match them to assemble the router table solution that best fits their woodshops. A choice of either cast iron or MDF table tops offer options for durability and affordability. Both table tops have a footprint of 32” x 24” to support a wide range of work pieces. The precision machined, cast iron table weighs 88 lbs. and provides maximum durability and a solid surface for all routing applications. The lighter-weight MDF table is melamine-topped for a smooth work surface. The milled aluminum router lift has above-the-table height and lock controls for convenient tool adjustments and changes. One turn of the dials raises or lowers the lift 2 mm at a time. The lift’s sturdy, four-post screw design with chain drive keeps tolerances tight and rigid. A micro-adjust fence assembly includes easy-to-read guide rails that allow users to dial-in the exact size profile required. A scale on top of the fence facilitates placement of stops at different points of operation. The adjustable fence provides optimum support for work pieces of different sizes. An integrated dust port is helps clear dust and chips at the source of the cut. The heavy duty floor standhas an integrated mobile base and onboard accessory storage. A power switch attaches to the stand, allowing the operator to control the router without reaching under the table. A miter gauge also is included. The dust collection system features an enclosed dust box that surrounds the router, as well as an integrated port in the fence at the source of the cut. The dust box’s all-metal construction with air flow vents ensures maximum dust collection and containment, as well as durability. The dust box has a standard 4” port.
  2. Hello, I am trying to find out if my Makita RT0701c router (110volt) will be able to fit an 8mm collet. I know that the 220v version of the same machine will fit a 6mm and an 8mm, but I am not sure if the 110v version is built to different specifications. Thanks for any help you are able to offer!
  3. I've been looking around at routers. I have explored various models from various companies. I plan on doing 3/4" dado work and round overs with this router. If I build any work benches I may use a spiral bit for dog cutting. I may eventually install it into a router table with router lift. I want a router that has good height adjustment, accepts both 1/4" and 1/2" collets, and works with the DeWALT track attachment. If there is a better track attachment I would be open to suggestion. I will be going with DeWALT rails for now. I plan to get the Flexvolt track saw when it becomes available in the states. I figured a plunge router would be good for these tasks. In my research I tended to gravitate towards the 3 hp models. There's a point in which you want to go a bit more than you need for the "just incase moments" but I'm not sure if I would need 3 hp model. Is it too much or would a smaller model be sufficient. Each router I looked at have pros and cons. I would be open to suggestions. The more I think about it a 2ish hp model may be sufficient but I have done the most research on 3ish hp models. I may do some research on some 2ish hp models when I get the time Heres what I found for 3ish hp models The Milwaukee Price: 309.00 usd Pros: seemed like it had good height adjustment with above table adjustment, 36 position speed dial, most powerful, nice big handles Cons: it is fixed base only, one review said the bit change can be tricky when mounted under a table, no led, no apparent dust collection The DeWALT Price: 277.97 usd Pros: Plunge base, Dust collection, includes 1/4" and 1/2" collets, lighter weight of the bunch, accepts the track adapter for sure Cons: weak handles, no led The Bosch Price: 335.33 usd Pros: Plunge base, Dust collection, includes 1/4" and 1/2" collets, precision centering design, turret adjustment is more than 3 positions Cons: dust port is weak, no led, heavier one of the bunch The Makita Price: 299.99 usd Pros: Plunge base, dual led, electric brake, chip deflector, 2-3/4" plunge capacity, fan designed to keep dust out of motor, includes 1/4" and 1/2" collets Cons: heavier one of the bunch, no apparent dust collection The Festool Price: 920.00 usd Pros: Rolls Royce of routers not much else to say Cons: Heaviest of the bunch, Most expensive of the bunch, no 1/4" collect included, no power rating listed, no led
  4. When you need it Cordless but your Favourite Brand doesn't have one in their Line-up, it's time to start 'Modding'.. My Version of Deawalt 18v (20v Max) Li-ion Cordless 1/4" Router... And yes, it is Flex Volt compatible...
  5. i would like to now of a good router bit sets, but i do not want to spend a lot of money. my shank size i would need is 1/4
  6. I have looked at and considered the cordless laminate trimmer/router that ryobi offer but there aren't very many reviews/videos I can find online relating to it. I'm wondering if anyone here has used it, can recommend it or advise against it and what it's pros + cons are? It's priced at $79 for the skin here in Melbourne, but I am on the Makita platform so I'd need batteries and a charger. How long do ryobi' high capacity batteries take to charge (2.5, 4.0+5.0)? Thanks
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone know's or has heard if Makita are making a cordless trimmer router. I emailed Makita mid last year but no response from them. I know Ryobi makes one but really dont want to purchase it if I know Makita will be making one. Cheers.
  8. Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get your help. I am looking for a good compact router. The 4 that caught my eye are as follows, DeWalt DWP611, Bosch PR20EVSK, Makita RT0701C, and the Ridgid R24012. I don’t know much about routers and have only used one occasionally. The one I used was large and my dad’s; I can use it when I need a larger one, so I would rather get a compact one for myself. I like making my own stuff, and a router is a tool I am looking to get soon to help finish up some projects I have. I won’t be using it all the time but I want one that will last and be versatile. The things I noticed are the DeWalt and Ridgid have a nice clear base with LEDs for visibility. The DeWalt has a plunge depth of 1.5”, the Bosch is around 1”, the Makita is 1.375”, and I couldn’t find the Ridgid maximum plunge depth. The DeWalt has a speed of 16,000-27,000 rpm, the Bosch is 16,000-35,000 rpm, the Makita is 10,000-30,000 rpm, and the Ridgid is 20,000-30,000 rpm. Since I don’t know much about routers, and you don’t know what you don’t know, I am looking for help from the TIA community. What is everyone’s opinion and more importantly why? What else should I compare before buying? Thank you.
  9. Just noticed that Bosch has come out with a plunge base for their Colt router. Can routers this size really benifit from a plunge base? I just use my little router for trimming laminate and the like and usaully go up to a full size router when I need to do any plunging work.
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