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  1. This was the conversation I had with Ryobi when I was informing them about why I was frustrated with my batteries that won't work anymore. Guess I'll be looking at Ridgid from now on. Comments 2014-04-21T23:59:23-04:00 I would like to say that I am extremely disappointed in the One plus Li-Ion batteries that I have. I was given them as a gift since I owned a set of Ryobi One plus tools. In less than a year and a half 2 batteries are dead. My charger blinks red then green pretending to charge them then stays lit on green. When I grab the batteries (either one) none of them work. I have always been impressed with Ryobi and had been a faithful customer up until this point. I work around a lot of tools and not having a battery that works is the most frustrating thing to happen. 2014-04-22T00:01:16-04:00 I must add, that I hope someone from your R&D group should look online and see how many people have turned away from Ryobi due to the battery issues. 2014-04-22T09:01:54-04:00GERRY There are no issues with the batteries. If maintained properly they will not have any trouble. store between 50-100 degrees charge the batteries every 4-6 weeks to maintain the cell life remove from the charger once they are fully charged. let the battery cool after each use before you charge. To obtain warranty coverage/service or repairs if you are located within the Continental U.S., you may return the complete product to The Home Depot store nearest you. The Special Services Desk Representative can help you with repair process and procedures for your product. You also have the option of taking your complete product to your nearest Authorized Ryobi Service Center for service or repair. If you are located outside the Continental U.S., you will need to take or send your product in to your nearest Authorized Ryobi Service Center for repair. Your closest Authorized Ryobi Service Center can be determined from the service center locator through the URL link below, by searching based on your mailing zip code. If you should need further assistance in locating a service center, please contact the Ryobi customer service phone staff at 1-800-525-2579. If the purchase receipt is no longer available to verify warranty coverage, the products serial number can be used to determine the products warranty status. http://www.ryobitools.com/support/service_center_locators With accessories like extra batteries and chargers, you must provide the Home Depot receipt to the warranty service provider, along with a tool for testing. If you purchased factory reconditioned power tools, they carry a one year warranty only, with the receipt. Best regards, Tim Beasley One World Technologies, Inc. 2014-04-22T12:06:08-04:00 Tim, 2014-04-22T12:09:54-04:00 Tim, I have been using power tools for more than a decade. I know how to use my tools as well as the accessories that go with them. As I mentioned, I cannot believe that Ryobi has not addressed the discontent that a lot of people have who own your tools. Your response is very condascending and I would guess that people will feel the same when they read about it after I post it. Thank you for the tips I, just like most every Ryobi owner already knows.
  2. Has anybody had any experience with cheaper batteries for cordless tools? For example, buying a flagpower battery for a ryobi drill instead of a ryobi battery. Are any of these battery brands (flagpower, dosctt, creabest...) worth buying? They are a lot cheaper (sometimes only a third of the price) so they wouldn't have to perform as well as the proper batteries to be worth it.
  3. Cordless brands have had ups and downs over the years, with some such as Flex being new to the US market while others like Porter Cable seem to be on life support. What is your favorite brand right now?
  4. So apparently a lot of people don’t know about the sharp pog.it sharpens oscillator blades! I’ve had mine over two years and it’s a super nice tool to have! Link ⬇️ Check it out I know blades are cheap online but you never know when you’re down to your last one. This particular blade has lasted me about 6 months 😂 order off amazon
  5. I recently purchased the Ryobi P523 Jigsaw. I was going to use some Bosch T-shank scroll blades that I had used in my old Ryobi jigsaw on a project with my new jigsaw. Well, the T-shank Bosch blades will not fit in the new jigsaw and the specs list: For use with T-shank jig saw blades or Ryobi universal shank jig saw blades.The lock collar for the blade will not quite lock into place. The shank above the T is just a bit longer than the Ryobi blades I have. So, I go to my local Home Depot in Raleigh and well, they don't even sell Ryobi jigsaw blades. Really?? 99% of what they have is Bosch and then some knock off brand. Has anyone else had this problem? It seems to me that Ryobi made a boo boo with this and why does Home Depot not carry Ryobi jigsaw blades in the store? I like the jigsaw and it cuts great with the standard wood blade I have but I'm probably going to return this thing unless someone know's something I don't. I'm not going to order and wait on blades every time I need one.
  6. What is the best tool platform. Debatable but manufactures have there strengths and unfortunatlly have there weaknesses I perfer Makita, Dewalt etc what do you perfer and what are your opinions.
  7. I'm pretty sure I could figure it out, but if anybody has the fast track on R&R the laser on a Ryobi TSS101L Miter saw, it would probably save me some time and effort...
  8. A trip through the archives of Tools in Action and ToolGuyd displays how far the cordless tool market has come in the past decade or so. Early articles on each site capture the look of the 2008-2011 tool market, and there are many gems that cover the tools available back then--established brands, new products, and optimistic predictions of what the future would look like. Well, it's the future, and I'd venture to say that few of us expected the cordless job site to look like it does now back in the dark days of 2009. The tools have gotten smaller, smarter and become brushless, and a number of brands have cut the cord on tools that necessitated a generator or other power source just a few years ago. Not everything has changed, though, as Ryobi One+ was already over a decade old and the M12 and M18 lines were getting off to a decent start. DeWalt, on the other hand wouldn't release 12v Max tools until 2010, with 20v Max coming about a year later. Anyway, the point of this thread is to examine exactly how the cordless tool market has changed since 2008. If you have the time, share a few articles from way back when along with anything you want to add.
  9. I'm looking at a Ryobi cordless mower (RY40180) that has been out 2-3 years and find many reports with the mower stopping by itself due to the safety interlocks in the handle. I know others use this setup where the handle length has to be fully extended and the elevated position has to be set and locked before the motor will spin. The problem appears to be thru vibration, sections loosening up and/or bad microswitches causing it to 'trip' and the motor stops. Can anyone here confirm how much a problem this is and has it been addressed by Ryobi?
  10. Looking for a Miter Handle Shaft for a Ryobi Miter Saw model TS100L. part # is 089100113020 . Anyone know where I can find one?
  11. Hi, Is the base unit on the ryobi 18V ratchet wrench the same as on the multi tool? I want to buy a ridgid multi tool head to put on it but not sure if it is the same base unit, it looks the same but want to check first. Cheers
  12. Does anyone know where to find a chart on Ryobi 18v battery life? Want to make sure it's worth the money.
  13. I've known about this since January but was sworn to secrecy but now it has been leaked by a marketing company on Facebook I can post it. Ryobi have just this week announced its new 3.0ah slim pack, 6.0ah pack and 9.0ah pack for the 18V One+ system. No word on when they'll be available to buy but should be soon. These batteries won't replace any of the existing models as the cells and electronics are very different. These are being called high energy batteries as the cells used allow a lot more current than a normal 18v battery to pass into the tool which allows for better power delivery and power output. i was beginning to get rid of some of my Ryobi tools and replace with Milwaukee but I may just hold onto a few and get some of these batteries. I know for a fact the US team didn't want the 2.5ah or 5.0ah packs so maybe they'll release these three sooner rather than later. The photo below was taken at the UK conference this week. Martin
  14. I have recently purchased a Ryobi 15 AMP 10 In Table Saw with stand (see image). I have put together the stand and noticed that the stand is not the best. It can barely stand. What I want to know is can I put this table saw on a dinner table since I don't own a hardware table?
  15. Ryobi has another vacuum on the market 3 gallon dry capacity Wet and dry cleaning capability 6 ft. x 1-1/4 in. extendable hose with transparent design for optimum visibility Pivoting air inlet port for easy hose management Utility nozzle and hose convert exhaust port into directional blower Flat top design for convenient stacking and storage Convenient on-board storage for hose and accessories Includes washable reusable filter
  16. Ryobi just announced they are coming out with some new tools: Ryobi Project Light - P790 and will retail for about $50 SPECIFICATIONS: • Lumen Output: High (lumen output 900), Medium (lumen output 600), Low (lumen output 100) • Runtime: 35 Hours on Low Mode using a RYOBI ONE+ High Capacity Lithium+ Battery • Weight: 1.1 lbs. • Power Source: AC extension cord or any 18V ONE+ Battery Ryobi Drywall Screwgun - P225 and will retail for about $100 SPECIFICATIONS: • Brushless motor provides longer runtime, more power, and longer motor life • Adjustable and removable nose cone for increased accuracy • Variable speed trigger with lock-on feature: 0-4,700 RPM • QUIETDRIVE Technology eliminates noise in-between driving applications while prolonging battery charge during use • Drives up to 3,000 screws per charge • Heavy-duty clutch engages when bit is pressed to the fastener • New and improved MAGTRAY™ magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits • New, innovative, fastener-free belt clip easily mounts to either side of the tool for convenience • LED Light illuminates the work area and remains on after trigger is released • GRIPZONE™ overmold with improved micro-texture for optimum grip and user comfort Ryobi Floating Speaker - P3520 and will retail for about $80 SPECIFICATIONS: • Optimal LED output that changes with the sound of your music • 360° Bluetooth® speaker for enhanced sound projection • IPX8 waterproof • Onboard volume & light show control • 8hr runtime on P108 4Ah battery, 4hr runtime on 2Ah battery • Flip resistant design for an enhanced listening experience • Customize your lighting experience with 3 operating modes: Play Mode, Pulse Mode, Sleep Mode. Ryobi Light - P790 and will retail for about $80 SPECIFICATIONS: • Over 1200 lumens of light output • Multi-point adjustable light head for various applications • Over 24 Hours of runtime using a ONE+ High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery • High (lumen output 1200), Medium (lumen output 700), Low (lumen output 100) • Compatible with all 1/4" x 20 tripod mounts • 360º light head rotation for variety of positions • Multiple hanging options • Part of the RYOBI Lineup of Over 100 ONE+ Tools • Includes P795 18V Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light, Tripod Adaptor and Operator’s Manual Ryobi Underwater Vac - P3500K and will retail for about $180 SPECIFICATIONS: • Battery: 18V • Runtime: Over 50 Minutes • Weight: 7 lbs. • Canister Capacity: 3 Liters Ryobi Sweeper - P3260 and will retail for about $140 SPECIFICATIONS: • Powerful dual brushes sweep up large and small debris, including nails and screws, wood scraps and garbage • Over 2 hours of runtime using a RYOBI P108 High Capacity battery • Rotating brushes effectively clean along walls and edges • Conveniently located foot-actuated power switch • Rear Wheel height adjustment for use on various terrain levels • Transparent tub shows how much debris has been swept • Integrated LED headlights provide improved visibility for a number of applications • Adjustable, pivoting handle and rubber feet provide optimal ergonomic and compact storage • Wide 21 in. cleaning swath quickly cleans a wide area
  17. Hello all. I have been a long time dewalt user but have seen a few tools from Ryobi that I wanted to add to my arsenal. Not wanting to buy a bunch of new batteries I set out to build an adapter to use Dewalt 20v Batteries on Ryobi tools, WHILE preserving the protection for dewalt batteries from over discharge. Here's my solution:
  18. The title says it all. I'm considering buying a pulse driver in the eventual future and figured I'd gather opinions. I'm currently invested in Milwaukee with two 9.0Ah and three 5.0Ah batteries, and have two 4.0Ah and one 2.0Ah Ridgid batteries. However, Ryobi offers some unique tools, so eventually Lime Green tools may supplement the Yellow, Red, and Orange ones. Conveniently, all three companies have a version of the pulse driver--the Fuel Surge (Milwaukee), Stealth Force (Ridgid), and Quiet Strike (Ryobi). Intuition tells me to buy the Ridgid kit as a way to amass more batteries and expand that system. I really don't need the Milwaukee and lack any compact batteries to use with it. Meanwhile, Ryobi mainly appeals to me for the niche items they offer like the glue gun and inflators, not core tools. Essentially, I've kept the bulk of my cordless tool collection Yellow. Red crept in with outstanding deals (over $1900 in tools for a little over $900), and Ridgid was a recent addition for the sake of comfort. Naturally, DeWalt does not currently offer a competing model so I'm left wondering: go cheap, go middle-of-the-pack, or go Red?
  19. Hi, I am just looking for some opinions on Ryobi's cordless nailers? For the $ I think it could be a decent purchase, however, I don't want to buy junk either. Any information that anyone can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks, FB82
  20. I've not seen a compiled list of warranties, and how to go about filing a claim, but may have missed out on something. However, I also want the experience of others, on their brand and what is included for warranty claims. Also, I think it would be great if there could be warranty information and personal experience on ANY tools that required warranty claims, cordless, corded, air, hand tools, anything goes here would be great! Milwaukee: 5 years power tools, 3 years batteries see details----> https://www.milwaukeetool.com/service/milwaukee-warranty This is my main brand, I have several dozen cordless tools, between the 12 and 18v lineup, and have made several claims throughout the past couple years. You can take the tool to your place of purchase if you trust them to actually take care of you, such as a supply house that you have done business with before, which is how our company does it. The way I go about making a claim for myself is going on their website and filling out the information in their "eservice" page. it's pretty straighforward, if the tool is within the warranty period. They pay for shipping both ways! Just print out the Fedex label but you have to get it to a FedEx drop off box or store. They don't care if you have a receipt, just the serial number. Still, you should keep the receipt, have the serial number written down somewhere (or go to there website and enter in your tool inventory). If you have proof that the tool is within 5 years of purchase because the receipt shows, make sure to include that in your information. This process takes about a week. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/eService Ryobi: 2 years cordless tools, except 3 years for outdoor equipment see details------> https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/support/warranties Basically to file a claim, take the tool, battery, and charger to Home Depot. I have filed a claim before online, through their Ryobi Nation website and they returned an answer stating to take to Home Depot, whether or not you bought it there. You do need proof of purchase, make sure to keep your receipt for this! This is the information I received when I started a support ticket for one of my hybrid lights: Bosch: 3 year "Protection Plan" 2 year batteries. Details here -----> https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/service/service-and-support-programs/ This is actually quite similar to Milwaukee's warranty claim, submit information online and print out a UPS shipping label, but you also have to print out a return shipping label to be included when it gets sent back to you from the service center's end. Dumb, I know. Obviously, you can probably take it back to the place of purchase, but in my case, I wanted to see how to go about a claim and there are no good service places for Bosch around here. I do not have Home Depots close by, and Lowes is hardly trustworthy. This way it gets shipped directly to them and then directly back to me. It works to register an account on https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/ and even if you don't have a warranty, register your product to receive the support should you need information/repair help. Looking to get information on the other major brands out there, Makita, DeWalt, PC, Paslode, Senco, ETC... Here is some information on Ridgid's Lifetime Service Agreement: @HiltiWpg did a thread regarding Hilti and recent changes, thanks to his expertise in that brand Looking to get the personal experience of any tool-related warranty claims from anyone that so happens to wander by this thread!!
  21. All about ryobi products.
  22. Anyone know the real torque ratings for this impact? I was looking on Ryobi's website (in Australia) and it says the torque ratings are 50/100/270 Nm (443/885/2400 in-lbs). I am finding that very hard to believe but I can't fine anywhere that states otherwise. http://www.ryobi.com.au/products/details/18v-one-brushless-impact-driver
  23. Looks like Ryobi also has a refreshed Trim Router coming out this year. It looks very similar to the Ridgid model, with the exception that it is not brushless. Price is going to be $69 https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/products/details/18v-one-palm-router
  24. Ok, so to repeat myself, looking hard at Ryobi and Rigid for my first lithium tool set. I feel like what I really need to complete some home projects is a impact driver and a 6.5 inch saw. Really impressed with the state of tech at the moment and the price points, but still need to be somewhat frugal. I would like to purchase an impact drill with speed control but still have a 4 ah battery for the 6.5 saw. Ryobi currently does not have a kit with these options. Should I wait until they possibly roll this out? (When would that be? Guesses?) Or just get the Rigid equivalent? Buying the Ryobi stuff individually will almost cost as much as a Rigid kit, if not more (x4 kit no speed control though right? + 4 ah batteries). Was even considering the gen5 kit that does comes with one 4 ah battery 4 tools but big chunk of change and I like the idea of picking a Ryobi sander for 40 bucks and other tools for cheap.
  25. Hi, I have been given an old Ryobi SDS-Max rotary hammer drill, ED-450E (for UK/Europe). The plug is missing & label is damaged & i need to know whether it is 220-240v/50hz or 110v/50hz (yellow plug for construction sites, its definitely NOT 120v/60hz for the US. From the Parts Lists & diagrams I've found there seems to be no distinction between the 110v & 240v models & the brochure dosen't list the voltages. I asked Ryobi Technical if the ED-450E is a dual voltage drill & therefore all spare parts are the compatible (except the plug & label); and if not, how can I tell which model & also which parts to order? The response was from Ryobi Technical was "...the wire in the power cord of a 110v machine tend to be thicker then that of a 240v. The only way it can be confirmed is by being inspected by a power tool repair shop. Parts for this machine can be bought from..." ...no use at all......Can u help at all? Many thanks
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