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Found 2 results

  1. Well, I invested in the ToughSystem 2.0 stack from Home Depot, along with a couple of half-width organizers. It seems well-thought out, trying to maintain backwards compatibility with the older ToughSystem while addressing some of the shortcomings 1.0 had when compared to Packout. I'll be using the heck out of this in the coming months and hope it impresses. Since I'm good on modular storage, I'm gifting some of my older ToughSystem components forward to a good friend. He's been struggling to find employment so he's been doing a lot of handyman work. He also has a house to renovate while he's living there, and I promised him one of my spare ToughSystem Music+Chargers a few years ago. Rather than giving him the radio by itself, I figure I'll outfit a ToughSystem stack with some hardware, tools, and a couple of batteries for the radio. Anyway, now's the time if you want to invest in some modular tool storage. Ridgid, ToughSystem, and Packout are all at the lowest prices you'll probably find them, and I would recommend any of the three if they fit your needs.
  2. Forgive me if someone has already addressed this somewhere on the forum already. I've been a fan of DeWalt battery powered tools for years, and recently decided to replace my older 18V tools with the newer 20V versions rather than have them repaired, and I found that I had a large number of options on how the tools could be packaged. Tool Only Tool & Battery only Tool, Battery & Charger in a plastic case Tool, Battery & Charger without a case Tool, Battery & Charger in a tool bag Multiple tools, Batteries & Charger in a tool bag Paired tools, Batteries & Charger in heavy duty case with custom insert. My first tool, a hammer drill, I purchased in the "Tool, Battery & Charger in a plastic case" configuration, since I needed both a battery and a charger for the new style battery. When I started looking at my next tool, the circular saw, I realized several things. 1). All of the DeWalt plastic cases have different dimensions, and do not stack up in an efficient way. 2). I don't necessarily need a charger for every tool. 3). I would rather have the higher capacity batteries instead of the ones normally shipped in the kits. 4). The paired tools are not offered in a pairing that includes 2 tools that I actually want (same goes for the multi-tool kits). As a result I chose to purchase a "Tool Only" option. Now I have to solve the problem of storing and transporting this (and future) tools without a factory fitted case. For a brief moment I thought that DeWalt had a solution.....I saw a 2 tool kit, at Home Depot, that was packed in one of the Heavy Duty cases, with custom molded inserts for the tools, but, upon checking with the DeWalt web site, I found that they were only offering molded inserts for that specific combination of tools.....no such luck! So, what I am wondering is, "what are other people who buy tool only options using for storage and transportation of the tools?" Is there anyone out there who is making boxes that can be configured to fit DeWalt tools, with large capacity batteries and shared charger. Boxes that will protect the tools when not in use, and will stack / pack solidly together?
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