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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to share my impression in this Makita toolbox P-90532 . It’s really one of the best on the market with really perfect ratio quality-price. The toolbox 🧰 Makita -90532 has inside the incredible number of pieces 227.
  2. Well, I invested in the ToughSystem 2.0 stack from Home Depot, along with a couple of half-width organizers. It seems well-thought out, trying to maintain backwards compatibility with the older ToughSystem while addressing some of the shortcomings 1.0 had when compared to Packout. I'll be using the heck out of this in the coming months and hope it impresses. Since I'm good on modular storage, I'm gifting some of my older ToughSystem components forward to a good friend. He's been struggling to find employment so he's been doing a lot of handyman work. He also has a house to renovate while he's living there, and I promised him one of my spare ToughSystem Music+Chargers a few years ago. Rather than giving him the radio by itself, I figure I'll outfit a ToughSystem stack with some hardware, tools, and a couple of batteries for the radio. Anyway, now's the time if you want to invest in some modular tool storage. Ridgid, ToughSystem, and Packout are all at the lowest prices you'll probably find them, and I would recommend any of the three if they fit your needs.
  3. Hey guys! Here in EU Dewalt has started to bundle some cordless bare tools with tstak boxes, which I think is a great idea since I plan to stuff almost every tool I have into tstaks. I'm gonna buy the 790 drill/driver as a bare tool and plan to keep that one in the same tstak as my impact driver. I haven't got a box for them so I thought I'd buy it bundled with a tstak (model number DCD790NT, N stands for bare tool here in EU and T when it's bundled with a tstak) instead of buying a tstak separately. My question to you guys, since I can't find this on the internet myself is: Does the tstak come with hard insert with cutouts for that tool or soft insert so I can cut it myself?
  4. Its called a billy box, made in Austin,TX, customization with speakers dividers and best of all gun racks. http://www.billyboxes.com/
  5. So being a summer student Heavy Duty Mechanic, here are my tools. Sorry that my sockets are so Shiny they haven't been used much.
  6. Ive got a T stak 1 case which I hacked Tools In Action style to fit my dcd985 & dcf895 cordless's ,I tend to use the upper organiser for storing bits and bobs that i use on a daily basis ,Anyway i had a urgent job to do for my boss on a late night ,which was a mock door with full door furniture for the client/architect to have a look at..The door was situated in a messy cabin on the grounds of the worksite and i literally didn't have any room to put my T-Stack case anywhere other than outside the cabin...Mid way lock morticing i realised it was lashing down with rain..I had a peer out to find my organiser tray was full of water as i hadn't shut the thing.."My fault I know" I drained all the water and had a quick spruce up,but it was inevitable My bits would start rusting... Now I never really thought about using a Rust/Moisture Inhibitor until this happened and its quite easy to overlook it..We all spend vast amounts of money on tool boxes that are super impact/water resistant and we never stop and think of protecting them from the moisture that gets locked in the box.. Who on here use's a moisture inhibitor & what products are u using to protect from rust/moisture???
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