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  1. Tool Buying Guide.... Tools have been around for a very long time helping people everyday from just being there to show manhood to down right making a living. Everyone has to start somewhere, some people are lucky to have other people in their lives to help with this part of life by showing them the ropes. I'm going to go over a few things you should think about if you are ready to have tools be part of your everyday life for helping with self accomplishment or profit. There are many brand names available that tend to show off their flagship tools, with ads that tend to make the tougher jobs look simple, that is all well and fine if you have experience with tools but what if you don't. If you are ready to dip into the tool world and have very little to no experience here are a few things to think about. You can start out with basic hand tools like a hammer, tape measure, and a hand saw but now days we all want convenience as well..... so power tools are usually the way to go. Many brands offer corded power tools in pretty much every shape or form but taking a step further are cordless power tools. Now in saying that many brands have most all cordless power tools needed to do almost every tasks. Some manufactures cater to different area's of the work force, not all brands offer all kinds of tools in every field, think about what you might want to do with your new tools now and in the future. This is important because it can reflect on what brand to buy into. This without saying there is nothing wrong with buying into more than one brand or battery platform but you may want to do this in the future. There are also different power in tools mainly in the volts you see advertised. 12V and 18V/20V are the most common, most tool companies offer many tools in both power ratings. These tools are very different in size and power, the 12V options offer adequate power to handle most things with a compact size as well. The 18v/20v versions are usually the power houses of the line of tools offered. So the question is do I need one or the other or both, well this is where it can get tricky, the 18v/20v versions of the tools are not only larger and heavier but usually come with a larger price tag as well. Again it is not wrong to have or want both but if you are just starting out, the larger more powerful 18v/20v is usually the way to go to get started. Another thing is all the talk about brushed or brushless versions of tools, not all tools are equal not all brands offer all tools in both versions. The newer technology is the brushless tools and they usually come with a higher price. Is the brushless style needed? well not totally. They will however offer slightly more power and battery run time but that is not saying a brushed version is not good. If you are just starting out most times the best economical way to buy your tools are in combo kits, you will receive multiple tools that are mainly paired up with a drill/driver and an impact/driver, Note about impact drivers: Although most manufactures introduced the impact driver not all that long ago and deem the new tool to be the drivers of all drivers they don't play nice with every application. As impact drivers tend to pound or hammer when driving, an impact driver is still a great tool for many applications however for some delicate driving a regular drill will do a better job. Some of the larger kits will tent to include a reciprocating saw, circular saw along with a light of some kind. These kits generally come with 2 batteries ranging in power ratings of small compact 1.5 ah right up to 5.0ah batteries and a matching charger. You may think I'm never gonna need these extra tools that are included in the kit but when you add up the costs the more in the kit the cheaper the individual tools become, so in saying that once you do own them and you find you don't use them there is a good chances someone will purchase them from you to help offset the original cost. Do some research, think about what you will want to do, find a big box store that have these different brands on display so you can get a feel for the tools in your own hands, just like seeing a fancy sports car, it may look great but not always are they comfortable for everyone to drive. All different tool companies come with all different warranties for their tools, some are very different from one another some are better than others as well. This can reflect on what brand to buy into but it shouldn't. I am not going to go into what brand is best or what brand to try and avoid but I would stick to brand names that are known. I hope this helps by giving you something to think about before jumping into the tools world.....Good Luck!
  2. How can I use a jigsaw?
  3. I would like to share my impression in this Makita toolbox P-90532 . It’s really one of the best on the market with really perfect ratio quality-price. The toolbox 🧰 Makita -90532 has inside the incredible number of pieces 227.
  4. Hey guys .... So far nobody has been able to identify this antique hand tool.....
  5. What tool should I use to cut metal roofing? want a only power tool.
  6. I have spent far too many jobs soaked to the bone. My tools get drenched, drill shorts out, my nice ratchet is seized with rust in the bottom of my bag.. Is there a good product to help waterproof my bag and jacket? I tried that silicone water proofer in the spray can but it wears off quick and smells..
  7. What do you guys think about Milwaukee? Just want to learn of the experience of others.
  8. For all your Tools and Tool Trolleys needs. Hi my name is David and I run a family business selling hand tools and tool trolleys. My company name is Damar International LTD and we are based in Leicester. So if you are looking for new tools or even some place to store them. contact us or our webpage below www.thetoolboxshop.co.uk www.damar.biz For all other enquires email Sales@damar.biz
  9. There used to be few home improvement retail chains in the central Virginia area which are no longer with us. Builder's Square, Home Quarters Warehouse, and Hechinger were three that I recall seeing and occasionally even venturing into. There was little need for the wares such stores offer insofar as my family was concerned, so the few chances I had to see the interior were memorable. I don't recall Home Depot back then (though I'm sure they were around the area), and the local Lowe's was not much larger than a Dollar Tree. To be honest, I don't remember a whole lot about these stores, despite remembering all sorts of stores like Bradlees, Ames, Hills, Best, Service Merchandise, Roses (still in business, but a shadow of its former self), Thalhimers, Miller & Rhoads, McCrory, G.C. Murphy, and numerous other chains. Sadly, Sears and Kmart will probably soon be added to that list. Retail history is a subject that has long interested me, though; from the dead malls and label-scarred shopping centers with dated designs, to the shifts in popularity for retail centers. Downtown was still thriving in the early '80's, enclosed malls finally dominated the latter part of the decade, and now the open-air town center (in some cases merely an upscale and massive strip mall) is killing many malls. These are and were places where handymen bought their tools and supplies, housewives outfitted the children with school clothes, and families spent memorable (if only for the kids throwing a fit) times. A fairly recent store to go out of business is Alco. In 2012 I moved to a one-light town in Georgia. There are a couple of gas stations, one with a McDonald's, and a Dollar General and supermarket, and until a couple of years ago there was also a store that is best described as a mini-Walmart. Alco appeared to be a lawn and garden store when I first saw it. They had a small fenced in lawn and garden section in the parking lot, lawn mowers out front, and even had a sign that proclaimed they were starting to sell beer! When I first walked inside, though, I was amazed. Those of you who never had an Alco can imagine a store the size of a Walmart market. Rather than groceries, though, they had clothing, footwear, home needs and decor, furniture, hunting/fishing supplies, electronics, seasonal departments, toys, a few aisles of non-perishable food, milk and eggs up front, hardware, and of course, tools! In other words, they sold just about everything Walmart does on a smaller scale and with less selection. Prices were unable to compete with Walmart, but factoring in gas and time, they were bargains as opposed to driving 60 miles round-trip. I shopped there often before placing all of my stuff in storage for an all-expense paid trip to Afghanistan, then moved closer to the installation once I got back. A couple of months later I read that Alco was going out of business, leaving a lot of small communities with Dollar General or Family Dollar as their only retail option. I made a last trip to see what was left (not much) and walked out a final time. The attachment some of us get to places we frequent--even chain stores run by mindless corporations that care only about our money--can be real. Don't get me wrong, the places that are now gone and the businesses that are no longer don't cause emotions to well up inside of me. Still, these were places where men and women earned a living, provided for families and themselves, and which were generally relied upon to make life a little more convenient. Okay, so an off-the-wall post that will very likely be on page 2 in no time, but it killed a little time for me. Conquered the Finance homework, organizing tools, and about to YouTube it up with AvE, The Great War Channel, Forgotten Weapons, and some retro gaming channels. Batteries charged, 10 gallons of water available, steaks for the dog, and a few cans of green beans and rutabagas just in case Irma decides to crush the Chattahoochee Valley.
  10. Recently i stripped my treadmill, and i admit i dont know much about electrics, but diy and learning are two things i like most, i believe no questions a silly question, and i hope you do to, cause i have a few silly ones to ask you all Now ive been on a forums asking for advice, and im still a little lost, so thaught id come to a tool site to makesure im on the right track i have a DC motor Perm Magnet 1500w 230vac, i have the controller board, however its not in best shape, and id like to control its speed to make a lathe, /sand grinder etc il attach 2 videos of the motor, video 2 being clear and showing magnet restriction when wires connected. we have talked about triacs and bridge recifiers and alsorts, and the suggestion i have is DC motor a heavy duty light dimmer bridge rectifier and a ~100 - 250 uF capacitor (on the controller its 450-470 uf capacitor, but i dont know if thats for the whole machine, or where this awesome guy who helped me got numbers from, ive seen a few controllers that i think would work.... but im worried im gona blow the motor or me or waste money on the wrong thing, im hoping, you guys can confirm this is what you would do as im sure many of you here have done this. ive emailed reebok as i cant find anything online to give me full spec of the motor, not sure what i need to match up tbh.. there is vdc..vac ...volt,,watts... ive no idea i learnt the laws on Vac, and im reading other things but its confusing at time, i learn on practical alot, and i cant get in there n look so im finding it hard lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CEBEK-R-10-230V-MOTOR-SPEED-CONTROLLER-1500W-/131648839032?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 i find things like this.. but im still stuck as to how to make it hit the god damn wall lol, if you dont do u dont learn, if people stop when they get stuck and give up, noting would get done, so abuse me asmuch as you like i love salt and i dont mind the banter, im a pleb and im proud! nah honestly thansk for taking the time to read this i sure your feeling my pain after trying to decipher my text
  11. I have really been getting into Kreg in the last year or so. And recently noticed that the Kreg things are all over the place. haha. The Kreg K4 Jig is sitting on my shelf, all my drill bits, allen key, square bits are all in an organizer and one of my bags. My K3 kit in on the shelf, the clamps are hanging up & the my boxes of screws are all in a Milwaukee organizer, etc. ...you get it, haha. I saw on the site, that all they have now is the "Kreg System Organizer" ..This looks ok, but is really built for the new Kreg K5 system with the 2 sides (the big hole in the middle is meant for those parts) so its a lot of wasted space for 90% of people who have the K4 system. I also came across some images online of an old Kreg toolbox, that looks like it came in a few sizes. This thing is super cool, holed the screws on top and all the jigs and parts clip in the bottom perfectly. but looks like they don't make anymore. Should i grab one online, looks like a few sites still have some left, but they are like $80 shipped!! does anytone have suggestions on how they store all their Kreg stuff??
  12. After realizing that shop classes all over the country have been in decline for a few decades, I decided to start a website devoted to learning the things that kids should be learning in shop class. ShopClassKids.com. I have 3 boys and I want to make sure they know the things that are no longer being taught in school. The plan is to make this a place where people can go to learn the basics of woodworking, welding, automotive, CNC and whatever else everyone feels would be a good idea. Even if kids don't go into the trades this would still give them general handyman skills. It's only been up for a few weeks but we're adding content multiple times a week. If you guys have any suggestions or resources we could use, let me know! I figure in order to increase the number of email subscribers I will bribe people by giving away tools as we reach certain milestones. So please, check it out and sign up for email updates!
  13. Hi everyone! I am an Industrial Design student with a background in the construction industry. For my final project I am considering the future of tools. My goal is to make high-quality tools more accessible to everyone; both professional and amateur. It would be a huge help for me if you could spare 5 minutes of your time and answer the following questions. Any participation is appreciated, feel free to skip questions, and thank you in advance! Which trade do you specialize in? Do you invest in higher quality tools that will last longer? Which tool brand do you use most frequently? Can you think of tools that you would like to own, but can’t justify spending the money on? If that tool(s) were available for rental, would you rent it? Have you rented tools before? If so, which tools do you rent most often? Would you rather rent from an organization, or an individual? Of the tools you rent, which is the most difficult to transport / maneuver? Do you ever rent your own tools for extra cash? If no, would you? Why or why not. Can you think of any specific tool that is in need of an upgrade? Can you think of any obvious change that could be made to a tool to make it more suitable for renting? Would you rather have 1 tool that does 3 jobs ‘okay’, or 3 tools that do each job very well. Is space-saving an issue when storing your equipment or working on a jobsite?
  14. Was wondering if anyone has a tool not specifically designed for furniture making but unexpectedly turned out to be great for furniture?
  15. Well, it looks like I won't be leaving Hawaii for at least another year. We recently moved to another place, down the road. It's a bit smaller, so storage space is much needed, especially for all my tools. I'll keep you guys posted on the build, with pictures and stuff as soon as I get chance.
  16. Since Milwaukee is part of TTI (Tech Tronic Industries). The same company that manufactures Ryobi. Does Milwaukee lack in quality in comparison to the big brands (Makita,Dewalt and Bosch)?
  17. I have the Milwaukee 2691-22 kit here is a link to info: https://tinyurl.com/han4ne2 I saw a empty case online for $25 for a 2897-22 M18 fuel case. Here is the info to the fuel kit, this is the case: https://tinyurl.com/hbf3wpm My question is does anyone know if my stuff will fit in this case? Mine came with a soft bag for the case and it sucks. Please help me if you know or have the case at home to try. Attached are pics of the case i want to get for my tools...
  18. Hey everyone! I am Alex. I have been starting to get ready to do a little rehab on my town house and have been trying to get the tools and supplies that I will need to do the job. It is going to be a lot of drywall work and trim. But I am also going to have to replace the front door, sliding door and all the windows. So I am sure that I will be on here trying to figure out what I am doing and how to fix my screw ups. Look forward to being a part of the community. Alex
  19. Hey guys, My name is Charles and I work with Astro. If you have any questions about product or warranty just drop a line right here and I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to help!__________________ Charles B. Marketing/Sales Representative Phone# (800)-221-9705 e-Mail and AIM: cbarakat@astrotools.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstroPneumaticToolCompany YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AstroTools LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/astr...c-tool-company Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AstroPneumatic Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/astropneumatic/
  20. Hey guys, My name is Charles and I work with Astro. If you have any questions about product or warranty just drop a line right here and I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to help!__________________ Charles B. Marketing/Sales Representative Phone# (800)-221-9705 e-Mail and AIM: cbarakat@astrotools.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstroPneumaticToolCompany YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AstroTools LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/astr...c-tool-company Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AstroPneumatic Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/astropneumatic/
  21. Great end user video utilizing some of the Astro Top Sellers to debadge and rebadge aMustang 5.0 in minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAE-GHqnZN8
  22. Its about time for another amazing Woot.com sale! http://tools.woot.com/plus/april-astro-pneumatic-tools?ref=cnt_wp_1 (800) 221-9705 cbarakat@astrotools.com http://www.astrotools.com
  23. Happy Friday everyone! Our friends at Jacko have an AMAZING sale on their Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers via touchofmodern​! Click the link below to take advantage of this incredible savings while they last! https://touchofmodern.com/sales/jackco/sound-magnetic-bluetooth-speakers
  24. Check out this great customer review on our Item #3037, Our brand new Air Belt Sander (1/2" x 18") with 3pc Belts (#40, #60 & #80 grit). This sander is built with increased pulley space for the new style thicker belts. It includes a simple belt tension lever and protection guard to ensure safety for both the operator as well as protecting the tool. http://toolaudits.com/2014/08/astro-pneumatic-onyx-3037-12-pneumatic-belt-sander-review/ Contact us to find a distributor near you! (800) 221-9705 cbarakat@astrotools.com
  25. Check out our Must Have Jump Starters! Great for anyone who may need a jump for your car, charge for your devices, or just some extra power for your laptops! (800) 221-9705 cbarakat@astrotools.com http://www.astrotools.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=257&limit=12&q=jump+starter
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